10 Amazing Attraction and Things to Do in Berlin, Germany

Are you on holidays and you wanted to travel to Germany for a retreat? Then your decisions are superb as Berlin has a lot of activities to do .firstly don’t forget that Germany is listed amongst the top most tourist attraction in the world! Therefore the following are the things and attractions found in this small heaven on earth:

Best free things to do in Berlin

In Germany one won’t miss out even if you are working on a budget since there are a lot of free things to do there. By free it means you don’t pay anything to do them, you can travel to different destinations, and these destinations include:

Brandenburg Gate

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If you visit Germany, Berlin without seeing this famous gate then don’t consider yourself as if your visited Germany, this is a landmark that stood between the east and west Berlin during the cold war. It became iconic of the new Germany.(image by Kevin Lewis).

The Reichstag

This is the most historical building in Berlin as it was the traditional seat of the German parliament. This building has been made modern by building a glass dome in order to provide a view of the German skyline.

Museum Island

Another tourist attraction in Berlin is the museum island, it is a home of five museums in Germany including Berlin cathedral and it has been made UNESCO world heritage center. Traveling to this place will feed you with rich nutrients of history.

Holocaust Memorial

This is the memorial of the murdered Jews of Europe and it is very impressive as a monument of holocaust. It was designed by peter eisenmann and the monument is laid on a 4.7 acre of land.

East side gallery

This is a colorful section of the Berlin wall; it once divided the city into East and West Berlin. This is what majorly acts as a tourist destination in the world as most of the people derive their origin from most of these of these monuments.

Postdamer platz

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Postdamer platz Attraction and Things to Do in Berlin

This building was built from ground up in 1995, and here is where you will find utopian architecture also shopping won’t be a problem because here is where you can also find places to shop. Movie lovers are not left out as they will find theaters. At night this building is lit by different colors which make it the landmark of this area.(image by Pasajera Entrance).

Unter den Linden-Boulevard

As you will be strolling these streets, it is lined on both sides by historical statutes and buildings like the state of opera , German museum of history and embassies.

Memorial church

This is the most prominent landmark in Germany and you won’t afford to miss!

Art galleries at Haceksher market

The area around this place has the best electric galleries and streets in Berlin,you will be carried to the seventh universe in terms of dreams if you happen to visit this place and you will never regret ever visiting the place


This is garden in Berlin which lies on a 600 acre piece of land and you will understand why the natives of this city means by saying it is a refreshing place to be!

These monumental structures spread across Berlin are what make the city the ultimate choice of tourists,gamers and anyone who wish to spend sometime in touch with history.You should therefore consider visiting this amazing city during your next vacation.


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