10 Amazing Attractions In Zurich Switzerland

Being the country’s capital, Zurich has a big international airport together with a centralized train network. It is for this reason that it remains as the first place where tourists always arrive. Apart from being the portal to the Alps, Zurich is a fascinating destination with many amazing attractions. Here, one can enjoy both outstanding natural and man-made features. From museums and galleries to churches, monuments, gardens and parks, there is always a place to entertain the high demanding audience in Zurich.

If you are visiting Zurich, here are some of the amazing attractions that you should not miss seeing.

1. Grossmünster

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There are three important church landmarks in Zurich and one of them is Grossmünster. It is an old church that is built using the Romanesque style. It sits on a Roman cemetery and it symbolizes reformation of the entire Zurich given its historical role in protestant reformation.(image by Karla Lewis).

2. Fraumünster

This is another principal Gothic church landmark in Zurich. This city symbol dates back to the year 853 and although taking photos or videos is forbidden inside, the church has its windows designed using stained glass by none other than Marc Chagall.

3. Landesmuseum

There are over 50 museums in Zurich but the most important one is Landesmuseum. It is the center of art and culture not only in Zurich but also in the entire Europe. You can learn the history and traditions of the Swiss people among others.

4. Kunsthaus

Kunsthaus is among the most significant and recognized museums in Zurich. It is based on Swiss art and a major Swiss art museum in the entire Switzerland and beyond. It contains both old and modern collections of Swiss art, including that of the famous painter Fuseli in the 18th century.

5. Schanzengraben.

The history of Zurich is well displayed by the Schanzengraben. During the time between the 13th and 17th century, the city of Zurich was extensively fortified and with ramparts. The remains of the old city still exist in many places throughout the city.

6. Rietberg Museum

Apart from the Swiss and European art museums, Zurich has one of the best museums dedicated to foreign art. The most outstanding ones are the Asian art collections among many others.

7. Zoo

Zurich Zoo is a facility that leads in conservation of nature. The Zoo is an excellent place for families to have fun and also for educational purposes. It has over 3,000 displayed specimens and is a place that is worth a visit.

8. Lake Promenade

One of the natural attractions of Zurich is Lake Promenade. Being a clean city, the lake is the center of admiration due to its beautiful scenery as well as a place that one can stroll, walk, or just meander.

9. Lindenhof

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In addition, a historic landmark, Lindenhof is a hill and is said to have been the home of a Roman castle and fortress. It is where Zurich originated from and locals and visitors alike visit a wonderful place where they can have a view of the city.(image by Urs Gubser).

10. Bahnhofstrasse.

For shopping lovers, this is a place to do it all in Zurich. It is known to be the most expensive shopping place in the world and is a place that is worth a visit for any tourist.

There are many more attractions in Zurich and from the above examples, there are much more reasons to make it your preferred destination. There are an endless number of activities that are perfect for any tourist visiting Zurich.


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