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Traveling is a hobby that makes life complete. Indeed, a sensible life requires a bit of traveling to different parts of the world to see and appreciate our nature and diversity of our cultures. The seven or rather eight wonders of world we have been just hearing and seeing in documentaries can never be appreciated fully without an individual making an arrangement to travel and visit such wonderful sites and events. In this regard, Asia is a continent blessed to have amazing sites and destinations where an individual can visit during his/her holiday.

The following are the best 10 destinations in Asia to travel:

1) Penang in Malaysia

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It is commonly referred to as the ?Pearl of the Orient.’ This is the best island to relax and eat while appreciating Malaysia in a new way. It has the best cuisine in all of the Southeast Asia. The youngest national park in Malaysia is the Penang National park, where you going to see thousands of sea turtles.(image by Polycarp Norbert Nyulin).

2) Beijing, China

Beijing is one of the heavily populated cities in the world. It holds the amazing world heritage sites like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Perhaps being the capital of UNESCO, wandering along the busy streets of Beijing is the most attractive feature that one enjoys.

3) Goa, India

This is one of the smallest and the wealthiest state in the world. Its high per capita has been contributed by tourism industry. This destination is the place to be if you love electronic music hippie culture. The amazing and beautiful, natural, and excellent beaches make your holiday fantastic like no other. However, you can still go north of Goa to the Himalayas where you can visit Manali and the ?Homes of the Dalai Lama.’

4) Bali, Indonesia

This place is characterized with beautiful beaches (Kuta beach), volcanic landscapes (at Kintamani Region), and welcoming Hindu culture making it one of the top destinations in Asia. This makes it one of the amazing destinations for surfers and honeymooners.

5) Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is the destination where many travelers and tourists like to visit. At Chiang Mai’s Old City, tourists like seeing the orange-robed monks hanging in many temples. The most attractive feature of this city is its amazing cultural festivals, the sprawling night markets, numerous temples, and mountain trekking. In this regard, this city attracts millions of tourists every year that cannot wait to come back.

6) Singapore

Singapore is one of cleanest destinations in the world. It is endowed with natural green vegetation and the modern cities where people can visit to enjoy shopping activities in mega-malls, eating natural foods at the best restaurants, and more so, its unique blend of cultures.

7) Islands in Thailand

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The islands of Thailand are among the world’s best and most beautiful. Its islands are blended with white sand and the amazing blue waters. This is most tranquil place you never miss to visit to enjoy the cool diving and its vibrant nightlife.(image by Miami Love 1).

8) Malaysian Borneo

A visit to Sabah, one of the two states of Malaysian Borneo, is just a natural paradise like on other. It has plentiful of endangered orangutans, rainforests, and its indigenous culture is worth taking a cheap flight to this destination.

9) Tokyo, Japan

My list of the best destinations in Asia will never be complete without mentioning Tokyo. It is characterized by a cheaper way of life and pride of the being the largest metropolitan economy in the world. The amazing urban marvels, an aloof culture, and talking toilets make people to book flights daily to Tokyo.

10) Siem Reap, Cambodia

This is the gateway if one needs to explore Southeast Asia’s fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Angkor Wat. The amazing scenery of the temple of Angkor Wat has made it a place for shooting movies. Why see it in a movie when you can travel to the site!


The list of the best destinations to visit in Asia is endless. However, the above listed attractions sites are the most eminent places that you are advised to travel to at least once in your lifetime.


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