10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Philippines

The Philippines is a South East Asian archipelago composed of 7,107 individual islands. It has some of the best beaches and climate in the world, its coastline is the 5th longest worldwide. With a temperate climate and a rich flora and fauna, it has become a leading tourist destination globally. Filipino’s warmth and hospitality towards tourists make this country an exciting destination. Some of the most visited places in the Philippines include the capital city, Manila, the exotic islands and beaches among other outstanding natural sites. Whether you are a domestic or foreign tourist.

The following are the top ten most popular tourist attractions in the Philippines :

1. The Banaue Rice terraces of the Ifuagao.

Described by many as a painter’s paradise, these hillside rice terraces offer a spectacular view. Because of their high altitude and the huge terraces, they resemble a giant staircase to the clouds. These terraces were created by the Ifuagao people over 2,000 years ago using crude tools such as sticks and their bare hands to carve out the mountain ranges. Presently, the locals still use the terraces to cultivate rice and vegetables.

2. The Puerto Princesa underground river national park.

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This is a must visit tourist destination in the Philippines. At 8.2 kilometers long, it is considered to be the world’s longest navigable subterranean river and has been declared a World Heritage Site. It is located beneath a limestone mountain known as St. Paul mountain because its shape resembles the dome of a similarly named cathedral in Italy. The national park above it contains a rich diversity of plant and animal life.(image by Chang Ju Wu).

3. The Chocolate hills of Bohol.

These unusual formations consist of approximately 1,268 mounds spread over a 20 square mile stretch in the interior of the Bohol island. They are covered in green grass, however, in the dry season, the grass turns brown. This makes the 150 meter high mounds resemble chocolate hills. It has been speculated that they were formed as a result of weathering of a limestone rock.

4. The Mayon volcano.

At 2,400 meters above sea level, this active volcano is renowned for its perfect cone and is one of the few perfectly shaped volcanic mountains in the world. Tourists can enjoy a lot of activities here, these include; camping, bird watching, hiking and photography. The best place to view the mountain in all its splendor is from the adjacent Cagsawa ruins. This mountain has erupted approximately 49 times in the last 400 years.

5. The Tubbataha Reef

This marine sanctuary found in the Sulu sea comprises of a pair of coral atolls. These atolls; the North and South atolls are separated by a 5 kilometer wide deep channel. This site is rich in marine life with many schools of fish being found here. This channel is considered to be among the best diving sites in the country. Diving is recommended between the months of April and June when waves are calmest.

6. Boracay island

This island is internationally renowned for its award winning pearl white sandy beaches surrounded by pristine waters. Activities here include motorbike riding, snorkeling, kite surfing and scuba diving. Tourists can also take evening boat rides to watch the amazing sunsets. The nightlife here is packed with action, restaurant and bars are open till dawn. Having the second best beach in the world and being the fourth best island worldwide, this is not a destination to miss.

7. Manila city.

Tourists can also sample the vibrant life in this bustling metropolis. It boasts of several historic sites and shopping malls among other attractions. Visitors cannot afford to miss the Metro Manila Rizal Park. The 15th century San Agustin church is also a must visit site.

8. Malapascua island

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This tiny and quiet island mainly composed of fishing villages is popular for its excellent diving spots. It is one of the few places in the world where tourists can see thresher sharks on a regular basis. Hammerheads and Manta rays can also be seen regularly. Activities undertaken here include dives to see the spectacular coral gardens.(image by Chang Ju Wu).

9. Donsol

With its pristine beaches and emerald waters, the sleepy village of Donsol has beautiful waterfalls and unexplored caves. Between the months of November and June, tourists can see whale sharks, with their numbers spiking between February and May. Tourists can take a boat ride along the Donsol river and watch the sky light up with fireflies at night.

10. Puerto Galera

This charming coastal town is found just south of the capital Manila. With a global reputation for its beautiful beaches and diving spots, it is the ultimate tourist’s paradise. The marine life on the White beach and Sabang beach are very diversified. Tourists can visit the Muelle Bay natural harbor and see the shops, bars and restaurants. Visitors can go snorkeling to see Asia’s best coral reefs.

The Philippines still is a premier Asian tourist destination known for its security and fun. The country offers several options for a tourists with different tastes, from the mountainous parks to the natural beaches, historical landmarks, warm populace and rich culture. Its top destinations are very popular among tourists and should be tried by everyone.


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