4 Amazing Tours in Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi may not be as posh as NYC or as rowdy as Las Vegas yet it remains to be indubitably appealing. Langkawi duty free status makes the place to be cheap booze for everybody to enjoy. Accommodation facilities are in plenty and most of them are quite affordable.  Locals are friendly to tourists but you will also meet other tourists among them, expats, backpackers as well as package holiday makers. Among other activities you will enjoy diving, snorkeling, visiting Kilim Nature Park or just sightseeing. Here are some of the best amazing Langkawi tours you should try out.

Oriental Village and Cable Car Experience

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Cable car rides is one exhilarating way to tour Langkawi, you will enjoy the bird’s view of the islands as well as some parts of Thailand. The ride from Mat Chingchang hill to Oriental Village is considered to be the longest car cable ride in the entire Asia. Once you are back, you can actually take cheap lunch at the many food outlets available or better still, shop.  You will have a qualified English tour guide in every car; the cars are air conditioned so you don’t have to worry about catching cold. You will enjoy to experience sightseeing at its best, however its important to note there are some small charges which apply.(image by Anand Nigam).


Another great tour is heading to the mangrove area that located in the northeast end of Langkawi. You will take a four to five hour boat tour before you get to the special mangrove forest. You will see gorgeous seascapes along the way as well as some special plants that are unique to Langkawi Island only and actually very few people have ever seen them. There are also some fantastic sea attacks and limestone formations that rise from the sea. These rocks are home to some unique flowering plants that are only found in Langkawi Island.

 Island hopping

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Island hopping tours will get you on nice tours that are meant to get you exploring some of the Island’s illustrious islets. First stop will be at Pulau Singa Besar’ also called the big lions island, here you will get good chances to see broad winged spanned eagles soar overhead. You can also carry some chicken bits and throw at the eagle and watch the deadly precision at which they dive at to get their prey, if possible, get some quality video and photos. Head on to Pulau Dayan bunting here you will get to see the breathtaking sight of the Pregnant Maiden Lake. You can swim on the shores or play some exciting water games.  Finally head on to Beras Bash Island, the island has clear beach waters where you can finally soak up as you feed more eagles.(image by Easy Day Thailand).

Langkawi nature tours

Spend some good time hiking in the rain forests as you enjoy seeing lianas, Twinners, Caulifory, Oak leaf, Rattan, Drip tips, Arboriens fern, Rattan fruits, Bird’s Nest Fern and Buttress roots as well as flowering plants. There are also some birds, reptiles and amphibians such as wild frogs and gliding lizards for you to see.

Langkawi Island has a lot for you to see, the place is also quite affordable and the tours are price friendly. You can consider taking your family or kids and let them have fun in these islands.


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