4 Cheap Countries to Learn PADI Open Water Course- See Where

Learning PADI open water course is one the best way to earn a fully fledged passport to scuba diving world. Most countries offer certified PADI courses but what really differs is their prices. Once you are certified, you will free to explore the daring, adventurous and exciting diving activities in any country you want. The course basically involves learning the fundamentals of diving, using diving equipments and techniques of diving. You have to complete a series of five confined water dives plus knowledge development sessions which should later be accompanied by four open water dives for you to earn a PADI Open Water Diver Certification.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one place to undertake a cheap diving course; normally it should take you just four days to be a certified open water diver. Balis instructors are good in giving you the skills and knowledge you will require to become a dive master. You will learn the fundamentals of open water diving and how to setup the diving equipments plus its configuration. You will also be taught the skills of handling various challenges while you will be underwater. Bali Indonesia is one of the cheapest places to acquire all the diving skills at affordable costs.

Phuket Thailand

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There may be other better places to learn PADI open water but Phuket is relatively cheap compared to most of them. Located in Thailand Phuket will see you save a buck as far as the courses is concerned as you will also get some cheap restaurants, accommodation facilities and overall, cheap PADI schools where you can even go with your family without being burden as far as costs is concerned. In some seasons the schools have offers for tourists, grab that chance and learn your course in one week.(image by Admin Admin).

Tioman Island in Malaysia

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Other than being cheap Tioman offers you the opportunity to train with some of the world’s best diving masters. The place is just ideal for diving courses as most of the diving places are natural made. Their equipments are also of world standards so you really have got no reason to fear to undertake the course. Millions of people have done their courses in Tioman and be among them, they would never be all wrong.(image by Borneo Dream).

United Kingdom

UK still has some cheap schools that offer PADI courses, you can even get cheaper by looking for cheap accommodation and dine in cheap restaurants to save that extra dollar. Andark water sport and diving school is one of the cheapest places, you can also take groupons offers from London scuba school and enjoy learning to dive at subsidized rates.

Generally almost everyone can undertake diving courses, all you need is to be in good health, comfortable in the water and reasonably fit for you to undertake a PADI course in any country you wish. In most countries, this is tested by your ability to swim either a 200 or 300 meters yard without masks, snorkel and fins. There are also some junior Open Water Diving programs so you can take your family with you to go and learn the water course from these cheap countries. You can also consider some other countries too.


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