5 Destinations to Consider Beforeheading off to Egypt

Egypt is the land of ancient civilization. It is the place where you can stand face to face with an outstanding ancient history. The pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the other ancient temples are the sure to take you back in time for thousands of years. The culture of this country has recorded history of more than a couple of thousand years. Being one of the earliest of world civilizations, Egypt has successfully maintained a unique culture of its own, and at the same time has been influenced by other Middle Eastern and European cultures as well.  The majority of the Egyptian population is Muslim and the rest are either Coptic Christian, while some others are Christians.  People of Egypt are known for their great hospitality and they will go beyond their means to make you feel welcome.

Being famous for the ancient civilization, there are several very popular attraction sites in Egypt that must be on every visitor’s itinerary.   Keep in mind that other than the ancient sites and structures, this country has wonderful beaches as well as beautiful deserts.

The pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramids of Giza are the place where you can see the last standing wonder of the world! They are situated very close to the city of Cairo. The pyramids in the Giza plateau were built by the pharaohs of three generations. Among the three pyramids, the biggest one belonged to the pharaoh Khufu. The Great Sphinx stands very close to the pyramids and it is believed by the Egyptians that it was actually put there to guards the tomb of the Pharaohs. While you visit the Giza plateau, you may want to enjoy the r a camel ride and the light & sound show which both are very fascinating.(image by Emily Whale).

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Abu Simbel

This is perhaps the most interesting archaeological site in Egypt. There are two temples cut out of the rocks of the mountain during the reign of pharaoh Ramesses approximately in the 13th century BC. The most interesting thing about the place is that the complete monument has been relocated from the original site because it was getting submersed in the Lake Nasser due to the construction of the Aswan Dam on the Nile. The relocation has been done with such efficiency everything remained the same!

Valley of the Kings

It is situated in a valley near Luxor where you will find tombs constructed for the pharaohs and other noble persons of ancient Egypt. It is the place where you can go inside an Egyptian tomb and experience the ancient art directly.(Image by dorena-wm)

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Cruise in the Nile

The very popular way of visiting Upper Egypt is by cruising in the Nile River. This river has been and is the lifeline of Egypt. The Luxor-Aswan route is safe to travel and you can enjoy the extraordinary scenic beauty of the country while cruising.

The Red Sea Reef

The Red Sea Reef is one of the best places to go for sea diving. The water is crystal clear and thus you can experience exotic scenes under the sea. The corals on the reef along with the wide variety of sea life will make your trip colorful. The beach resorts will help you to relax and enjoy the holidays!(Image by ntalka)

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If you are planning a cheap holiday to Egypt, the best thing to be done is to book the flight tickets and the accommodations as early as possible. There are different traveling agencies which offer the complete trip to Egypt at extremely low rate. Yes, going to Egypt is not extremely expensive! Book early and you can avail more discounts. The flight cost is not too high and at the same time cheap accommodation is also available at all the tourist destinations. Search for the various traveling agencies and you are sure to get the cheapest of the available rates!


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