5 Great Vehicles for Hire for your Family Holiday in Europe

When considering hiring a car in Europe its worth taking some time to evaluate what type of car best suits you family. You also have to take into consideration whether you want to travel in air conditioned comfort or you want your family to feel the wind in their hair like they will do in a jeep or a 4×4. Budget is the other factor that you ought to consider, as much as you would like to drive in a BMW V6. You might not even have the resources to even hire a Nissan Navarra. Europe is a wonderful continent with great roads and good cars available for hire, there are many companies out there which offer to hire their vehicles to tourists of course at a fee.

Here are five great vehicles you can hire while taking your family for a holiday in Europe.

Renault Megane and Opel Astra

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You are out o your own country and you have your family with you, why not just drive them in a comfortable and classy car, Renault have some of the best air conditioned fitted cars that will just work well for everyone, the car comes in both auto and manual transmission system that you can choose from besides being fuel efficient. Its 1.4 liter engine will see you do steep hills with ease while its interior can comfortably accommodate five people. There’s also a lot of room in the boot for your luggages too.  Modern Renaults have a CD player and a flash disk support radio so you can have your collection of your families’ favorite songs and play them as you drive them in Europe equivalent to a Renault Megane is the Opel Astra, an equally potential high output car.(image by M.Peinado).

Toyota RAV 4WD

If you are considering to go for Europe adventures with your family especially on rough and all weather roads, you need a car that will be up to the task. You will be able to comfortably access everywhere from dirt tracks to motorway and back, here you will get the best looks of the RAV 4.passengers will enjoy spacious interior while they appreciate the smooth ride. As a driver, you will like the firm grip and easy to control power steering. The car is very powerful and can do great distances with little fuel. The car is also air conditioned.

Mitsubishi Pajero

If the RAV4 is not of your type, why not try this road giant or the Mitsubishi Shogun as it’s commonly known in the UK. This tough 4×4 vehicle comes with a great impeccable degree, the company has been in the business of making 4×4 vehicles since world war ii , you will fall in love with its styling and perfect handling ability, no matter the terrain. The car is quite spacious and the boot is quite big. It’s also fitted with air conditioners while its big tyres increase surface area of grip; this means you don’t have to worry driving in prairies or undistinguished paths in the wilderness.

Suzuki Vitari

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Suzuki Vitari is an equally up to task car especially for traveling with a small family of four, the car is most ideal for fun drives especially to places like the beach and for going some picnic too. You can also consider the Suzuki Jeep or the Daihatsu Feroza.(image by John Beirne).

Europe is a nice destination to travel with your kids, if you are looking for a car to hire, go for spacious cars that will make everyone feel comfortable. Engine power is also something you have to consider as no one wants to drive a slow and a sluggish car. Remember to have your driving license before traveling.


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