5 Ideas for Backpacking through Europe

Backpacking can be exciting and funny but it’s also a challenging task for many. Europe is a great tourist destination and many backpackers actually flock the country every year to try out the backpacking task. Limited funds and time don’t have to stand between you and witnessing great histories, beauty and culture, backpacking will help you overcome them. Europe is cheaper and much easier place to backpack to and gives you the advantage of intra travel, i.e. you can get to many countries within Europe which will get you through unique cultures and histories.

Here are some ideas for backpacking through Europe.


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You can actually backup through Europe within a short duration of time courtesy of air transport. It is also easier and cheaper way to backpack especially if you make your bookings in good time and take the little carriers which charge cheaper as compared to luxury planes. Europe is well known for its air travel and is among the leading regions in the world as far as air transport is concerned. Cheap budget airlines like the Easyjet and RyanAir will get you to many countries around Europe, they also have a luggage allowance of twenty kilograms limit, so be aware before you embark on air travel. You can also consider other airlines and check for special offers to further cut the costs.(image by hn).


You can also consider the railway as an option to get you backpacking through Europe. Eurail train should be your best option for backpacking through Europe, they have a good reputation of allowing some passes as well as giving backpacker’s lots of incentives. Most of the Eurail passes are flexible and have different allowances that are determined by how much time you intend to take on backpacking as well as the pass you choose. A global pack will give you a period of three to fifteen months to cover twenty four countries; this is enough time for backpackers who want to cover many countries. This is however the best Eurail pass that’s being offered, the selective pass just gives you five countries and a maximum of five to fifteen days while the least pass just gives you three to ten days to travel in one country only.


Backpacking through Europe by coach is one of the most popular methods of backpacking and it gives you an added advantage of letting you see more countries and regional areas that you will be passing through as compared to air or train travel. The best company that we can recommend ids the bus about that it features scheduled stop at certain destinations and if you got a pass for them you can feel free to alight along the way. The company allows you to extend your stays and board another bus, all you need is to check out when a busabout will be back in that town and it will pick you up according to your plans.

Small group tours

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Some companies like G Adventures, Trafalgar and Contiki offer group tours for ten to twenty people which assume your schedule and also take you to visit major attraction sites. The groups are best if you find likeminded people as you will enjoy exploring great destinations together.(image by Travel Dream West).


Backpacking to Europe in a cruise will give you the chance to see great places as each cruise must get to every countries port but not necessarily the capital city of the countries. You will also enjoy on board entertainment on cruises.

The next time you want to back pack throughout Europe you can consider these great ideas that will help you travel cheaply and affordably. Backpacking should fun filled, remember to take care of your possessions, lock your luggage’s and your room and never leave them un attended.


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