5 Outdoor Nature Activities in the UK


Most people prefer spending their weekends or holidays outside the town. The best place to engage in the outdoors is often in the natural settings out of town. An outdoor activity refers to sport games done in teams that are held outdoor setting.

UK has endless river ways, hundreds of acres of ever green lands and vast beaches that would be paradise for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Examples of outdoor activities that you can include: nature walks, hiking, camping, rafting, climbing, fishing etc.


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Whether you prefer to camp in your recreational vehicles or hiking deep in the forests in an isolated place where you can put up a tent, United Kingdom has the places for you. There are hundreds of private and government national parks and forest which are best known for camping activities. You can always be assured to get place where you can spend your night under the stars.(image by Kenneth Moyle).


There are much diverse and beautiful woodland in UK which gives people the unique chance to hike. From the Lake District to little welsh mountain offers the best walking routes in UK. You may wish to visit bochlwyd horseshoe, snowdonia. The list is not ending.

Padding and Rafting

There are numerous locations in the United Kingdom for rafting ranging from class I to class IV. Depending on your income and the much you can afford, there is always a place you can go for rafting.

For those who like to be adventurers in the rivers, there are very many rivers available you can spend your time rafting and fishing at the same time. There are rafts for hire at affordable costs. This makes rafting even more enjoyable knowing that it’s not a must for you to own a raft if you have to go for rafting. Lee valley white water centre is one of the best places for rafting and padding. It has the cleanest, freshest white water in the United Kingdom. People travel for miles to go and enjoy themselves.

Rock climbing

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Rock climbing Outdoor Nature Activities in the UK
There are numerous locations in UK and Wales that showcase unique, steep cliffs and rocks where climbers travel from very far to go and experience. Rock climbing in Britain is very famous and is known by most due to its physical and mental challenges. For most of people, rock climbing offers people with a chance to try completely different thing.(image by monocounty).


You may decide to take a trip to any of Britain’s woodland and semi-forests and you will find biking trails where you can ride your bike while enjoying the beautiful sceneries. The country is full of beautiful and breathtaking sceneries both for private owners and for the government where you can spend you day or two alone or with your friends biking.

For parents, teachers, lovers, teams or groups who may wish to spend their time peacefully outside their normal places of stay, it’s advisable you choose an outdoor activity that would be most comfortable with everyone. The activities are best known to release stress for those who may be stressed from their work places or by your class work.


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