5 Types of Cruise Packages – Which One is Yours?

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Cruise packages are normally meant to add fun and bring more enjoyment on your vacation. Most cruises are well known for being all inclusive that is once you pay , you will not have to worry about any other payments like port fees, accommodation, dining and on board entertainment. Depending on the travelers needs, there are a good number of cruise packages. Good cruise packages will see you extend your vacations with up to a week.

Here are some of the types of cruise packages.

Wedding packages

Wedding packages are inclusive of a full service where you can exchange the vows; the couples are given exception treatment and have their own special rooms. Wedding packages are quite affordable depending on the cruise and take duration of up to four weeks depending on where the destination is and the amount of money paid. It’s important to note that not all cruises offer wedding packages so you can do a personal research on the best cruise ship for a wedding package.(image by Blue Lagoon Cruises in Lautoka).
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Family packages

Family packages are the most common type of cruise packages; they are meant for people traveling with kids and are inclusive of kid’s accommodation. Family packages give you a cheaper means of traveling with kids and feature on board kids activities. You will also be taken to great kid must visit destinations where they can interact with other kids from other destinations. Kids foods are also o served. Some cruisers offer babysitting services to ensure that no kids are left at home. These packages however differ depending on the type of cruise ship you are traveling in.

Honeymoon packages

Honeymoon packages are completely unique and are full of loads of romance and privacy. Charges depend largely on the cruise ship you are traveling to and the expected duration of the voyage.  Most honeymoon packages have evening dinners for two and couples night entertainment. Some even go to the extent of prohibiting kids onboard, they are adults only, this is purely meant for you as a couple to have good times with your newly wedded love.

Luxury travel packages

Luxury packages are meant for you who want to travel in style. The package caters for luxurious suites, accommodation as well as dishes. You are guaranteed of posh life on board. Live entertainment and discos are meant to keep you entertained all night. The package features full time 24 hour buffet.  The price of a luxury package is quite high owing to the amenities and facilities available, you will enjoy five star spa treatments, well equipped gyms, private bathrooms and Jacuzzi among others. The prices also largely depend on the cruise ship you are traveling in.

Celebrity packages

Celebrity packages are quite expensive and meant for world super stars. Mostly they travel on their own, the packages are also meant for presidents and other dignitaries and special invited guests. Among its unique features is a full time available meeting room that’s well equipped with all facilities you would think of. Buffets are also available at your service 24/7. Rooms are quite unique and posh fabricated. (image by Ebroh).

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Cruise packages are usually cheaper and provide you with everything that you would ever think of while on board. Most packages are priced depending on the type of ship, number of people on board and the duration of the vacation. You might consider these packages the next time you go for vacation, you will not regret the experience.


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