6 Outdoor Adventures Ideas In Malaysia

If you are one of those people who are generally bored by indoors, then Malaysia is a almost perfect country for you to might consider visiting, you can bring your family with you or some few friends. In Malaysia, there are numerous outdoor adventures that range from hiking, base jumping, water surfing, among others. Nature will offer you some outdoor places to visit like the mountain rainforest, rivers and ridges among others. Here are some great adventure ideas in Malaysia.

Semporna Archipelago in Sabah

You can consider going for diving in the elliptical Island that is on top of an oceanic pinnacle. You will love to see hammered sharks, reef sharks, whales, manta rays, turtles and barracuda. This part of the world offers you the untouched piece of art. The diving spot is situated in Sipadan. You can also dive with your kids and let them explore the marine life but keep a close look on them.

Surf the waves

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Tioman Island and Cherating waters are the most ideal for water surfing. Both islands are in peninsula on Malaysian east coast. The great waves come from South China and rise to six or five feet high. Ambitious surfers and beginners flock to this place to enjoy the water sports. Surfing is quite exciting, you might also teach your family and let them join you to enjoy the natural wave ride.(image by Honey Singh).

Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak

You can consider exploiting caving of the Gunungu Mulu Natioanl Park, first you will have to trek in the rainforests as you head towards the pinnacles, the height of it all is exploring the deer cave caverns which stretches for over two kilometers and is also open to tourists. You can even spend your night in the habitat of over two million bats; it’s an exhilarating and exciting experience. Caving is fun but you also need to carry some insect repellants to reduce insect bites.

Endau-Rompin National Park

Once you are done with the caves, you can then consider to go for a hike, Endau-Rompin National Park is a perfect site, the park is home to a variety of fauna including leopards, tapirs, elephants, tigers and Sumatran rhinos. Its however difficult to see most these animals as the national park spans over 870 square kilometers. You can nevertheless enjoy camping, ducking in waterfalls, monkey and watching avian species. You can consider constructing some hanging nests and sleep like a bird.

Rafting in Sungai Padas

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Located in Sabah, you will enjoy rafting in class three and four rapids as the water rush you through the thirty kilometers stretch. However the river channel has some brief breathers that let you admire the picturesque rainforests that are along the riverbeds. You can go for rafting with your friends or join other people who are n the site, rafting is an exciting adrenaline filled experience.(image by Muh. Sirojul Munir).

Cameron highlands

You can enjoy trailing around Cameron highlands as you catch breathtaking views of the amazing landscapes, lashing green tea plantations, geometric forms and the cool climate that associated with Cameron peaks. You can also have some quality tea alongside with some strawberries.

Malaysia is a perfect country to go for outdoor adventures, you are quite assured you will have loads of fun outdoors, you might consider to try some other great sights. Carry some few friends with you to make the adventure more exciting.


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