6 Sites You Must Not Miss in London

London is one of the most famous places with the best tourist attraction sites widely spread in different major towns. Being in one of the most affordable cities in Europe has always been a dream of every traveler and making it to this exciting city is surely a dream come true. The city is endowed with stunning natural and historical features which have caught the eyes of many travelers worldwide and whose charming beauty is incomparable. These places are affordable (many of them are free) to soak up some culture. The aspect of having no language barrier has always made it easier for travelers to move along the city with ease. Also, the city if full of great accommodation options all around to meet your budget.  Booking can be done online starting for budget youth hostels on many booking sites and ranging, for example, to the luxury hotel London City Suites by Montcalm.  The great collection of amazing sites has made it difficult for the travelers to select the best sites to visit. However, this should not prevent you from visiting the most civilized city in the world. This list gives you a handful of destinations that you should never miss out while spending your vacation in London.

The Tower of London

This is the most popular places in London where you can walk around and learn the great history behind it. Currently, the Tower of London is best known for its Crown Jewels, but it used to be notorious for the political opponents that were tortured and killed during wars. This tower also provides the Royal armories which include the world’s largest armory of King Henry VIII. Visitors are often assured of re-enactments of historic events in the fortress.(image by Dave Rowlzi).


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Tower Bridge

It is one of the most recognized bridges in the world originally powered by steam. The Tower Bridge drawbridge is now opened by electric rams when big vessels need to venture up stream. A walk between along the bridge and the tower bridge exhibition where you can observe the Victorian Engine room are some of the reasons that makes this place a remarkable experience.

Houses of Parliament

A walk through these famous structures offers a combination of history, modern day politics, stunning art and architecture. It’s also known as the Palace of Westminster and is the seat of the two parliamentary houses of UK. It’s a place bleeding history, explore and learn!

Westminster Hall

This is the oldest hall of the Houses of Parliament dating back in the 1097 and is known for the series of royal events that ever happened most recently being the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. This hall is one of the Europe’s largest unsupported medieval halls which have attracted hordes of visitors who are allowed to take their own photos.(image by David McKelvey).

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The Shard

It is one of the greatest viewing points in Europe boosting a height of 800 feet. Its viewing platform is magical offering a spectacular 360 degrees view of the London city. At a height which is almost double to that of the London Eye one can obtain the highest public viewing gallery.

Big Ben

This is one of the most famous landmarks in London. The clock inside the tower was the world’s largest back in the 19th century. Though not publicly accessible this tower remains to be a great figure with clear views from the London Eye and the Shard.

London is truly the best place to be. That’s just the tip of an iceberg; get to learn the amazing facts about London, interesting!


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