7 Amazing Destinations to Travel in Europe

Europe is one among the most well-known and exciting destinations to visit during holiday. With its great history, exclusive culture and amazing landscape, Europe has for a long time been a favorite holiday destination for both old and young alike. The most ideal way to travel around this continent is by going for a backpacking excursion. This will guarantee you get to see firsthand everything which makes Europe so exciting and unique including tourist destinations, attraction, activities, Europe cultural festivals and other exciting things that are unique to this particular destination. Below are the seven most well-known destinations to visit when backpacking through Europe.

1. United Kingdom

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This was once one among the most powerful and prestigious countries on planet Earth. This country boasts an organized and theatrical past and traveling around the numerous inspiring historical sites will make an unforgettable holiday. Backpacking is the most ideal way to get up close and experience a personal feel of the country. (image by Tomasz Janicki).

2. Ireland

Individuals who love attractive countryside and exclusive historical architecture will like traveling to this destination. This country has numerous beautiful sites to explore including Kilkenny, Blarney Castle and Cliffs of Moher.

3. Paris

Your tour of Europe will be incomplete unless you do not visit the city of Paris. Paris comes in the category of romantic cities. The world’s well-known Eiffel towers are located here and this perhaps will be the most attractive scene that you have ever seen in your whole life. There are also several other historical sites. There are a number of cafes and bars here you can have rest when you get tired of walking in the streets of Paris.

4. Germany

With its attractive landscape and organized history, this is one among the most well-known countries for individuals backpacking in Europe. This country has a number of inspiring sites to explore including the Bavarian Alps and the Black Forest which is the home to the world’s famous Neuschwanstein Castle.

5. The Netherlands

This is the home of the most well-known European destinations, Amsterdam. Netherlands, also known as Holland provides an attractive image of Europe. This country boasts a rather wide range of activities for an active tourist and a holiday here will certainly leave an individual with a lifelong memory.

6. Italy

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It is the home of what was formerly the utmost civilization in the whole world. Sights like village of Pombei and the Colloseum attracts history lovers, families and students alike. Italy is also a great destination for the newlywed couples who are in search of an exceptional place to spend their honeymoon. (image by Cuba Gallery).

7. Croatia

Situated in Eastern Europe, this destination is famous for its wonderful coastline and scenic European towns. This country is one among the most well-known stopovers for Mediterranean cruises. Its amazing landscape and exclusive culture will enthuse and captivate you.

These are one seven well-known destinations to explore while backpacking in Europe. There are several more places worth exploring and despite where you go you will be certain to leave the place with a great story to share for several years to come. We all know Europe as one among the world’s best destinations for culture, cuisine and history, but it is also where you can live some of the world’s most memorable adventures.


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  1. Kelly Rogers says:

    I agree that these seven locations are great for holidays. However, I was wondering why Prague of Czech Republic not included here?

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