7 Amazing Family Attraction in Australia


Australia is one of the most interesting countries in the world, having the best attraction sites suitable for holidaymakers with families. It has a unique nature blended with a rich diverse culture. The entire Australian territory, from desert areas with unique wild animal species, islands near the mainland, to the urban parts of this country, all these offers fascinating and magnificent features that your family will never forget after the tour. However, as stated earlier, Australia has a vast number of sites to visit, making it quite challenging to identify the best place to visit with your family. However, based on the extensive research done.

The following are the best seven sites to visit:

1) Tasmania

If your family likes to take a break from the stressful urban life, then this is the place to visit. It has a fascinating nature and wilderness, making it a unique place for a holiday with your family. You will be sure to see spectacular beaches, mountains, wildlife, lagoons, and know more about the rich Tasmanian culture and history.

2) Fraser island

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This is one of the world’s largest islands. Most people like calling it hidden natural treasure’. Some of the amazing things that you can see include the endangered species of wild dogs, several fish species, Dingo, and so on. Your family would enjoy seeing natural beaches that look like a haven. These amazing features make this destination to receive many visitors with their families from all over the world. (image by Paul D’Ambra).

3) Uluru

If your family likes geographical features, then this is the place that you should not fail to visit if you are planning to spend your holiday in Australia. From the books of Geography, Uluru is known to be the largest monolithic rock in the world, making it being included in the Guinness books of record as one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. If you are making a trip to Uluru, it is ideal for you to visit it in the morning during sunrise and in the evening during sunset where you can enjoy the fascinating range of colors across the red monolithic rock.

4) Kakadu National Park

This is one of the heritage sites in Australia, stretching for more than 200 kilometers to the south and 100 kilometers to east off the coast of Australia. This park is ideal for family members who are on holiday in Australia. This national park has a vast number of wild animals and native plants.

5) Cairns

This is the entry point if you are going to visit the Great Barrier Reef coasts. The Great Barrier Reef is known to be the largest coral reef in the whole world, covering 80 million acres on average along the Northern Australian Coast. Your family will enjoy seeing some of the world’s rarest organisms of the sea.

6) Perth

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This is the city where your family will enjoy a vast number of activities, ranging from sightseeing, aquatic fun and adventure, wildlife, to Aboriginal dance and culture. Attraction sites in Perth include Stirling Gardens, Perth Zoo, Lake Monger, Western Australia Museum, and so on.(image by hijukal).

7) Kangaroo Island

This is a small and tranquil place where your family will enjoy total relaxation. Amazing features seen at this destination include kangaroos, goannas, whales, sea lions, echidnas, wallabies, ospreys, and koalas.


As stated earlier, the list of selecting the best places to visit is not very easy, especially for county endowed with numerous amazing sites. However, the above are worth your time, money, and energy. Therefore, if you visit any of the above, your family holiday will be most enjoyable like no other. Thanks.


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