7 Great Destinations To Visit In France

France is where you can get excellent wine and some amazing cheese. It is a country that has a sexy accent. Sure, the French are not that nice to some visitors, but not all of them are hostile towards tourists. Spend enough time in their country and you’ll fall in love with it in no time. There are lots of places to visit in France and here are the top seven destinations that will be memorable to any visitor.

The Immortal Eiffel Tower

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If the capital of France has an icon worth remembering then the Eiffel Tower stands tall in the world. It is considered an engineering marvel and now one of the best man-made structures in the world.(image by Rui Pereira).

A great idea is to visit the tower near the end of an afternoon, so you can wait until its night time to see Paris lighted up in the evening.

The Good Old Classic Notre Dame

This is the home of the most famous hunchback in history, and it is vbisited of hundreds of tourist every day.

If gothic architecture is your thing then you can have lots of fun sightseeing inside the wondrous design of this medieval church.

The Ever-Luminous Louvre

This is the most stylish and breathtaking art gallery in the world.

From the Mona Lisa to the Blue Fandango, this is where people go to see the best paintings that France has to offer. This place is made even more famous by the Da Vinci Code novel and feature film.

The Royals are still alive in Versailles

The famous French palace is still breathtaking to behold even after Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte has been long gone.

The beautiful gardens along with the fountains and the Hall of Mirrors. Who can ever forget such sights?

D-Day at Normandy Beaches

Bayeux is where the Bayeux Tapestry was made. fantastic seadside scenery await tourists and it’s a good idea to take a walk along the beaches.

You can go to the north to see firsthand the invasion beaches where the Allies made their landing to get rid of pesky Adolf Hitler and his army.

Holy Sights at Rocamadour

South of Paris you can visit Rocamadour where the awesome River Dordogne flows freely. Captivating cliffs also line the picturesque setting of the place.

The peaceful town is also home to various religious relics like the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Local delicacies around Easter time are freeze dried chickens. But it is an acquired taste for fear factor foodie enthusiasts.

The Very Famous French Riviera

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The French Riviera is probably made famous early on by celebrities from Hollywood since this is where the Cannes film festival is held annually. It’s also a great place to move around in your Yacht if you’re rich enough to have one. (image by Ian Britton).

The temperature during winter is mildly cold so it won’t be a bother to visitors and summer is not too hot for people interested in taking a dip in the water.

There you have it, the seven most amazing destinations in France. Make sure you have your maps and food budget ready since it’s a country where it’s easy to get lost in with all the different attractions and there are plenty of fine restaurants all over the place.


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