Amazing Facts About Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa despite being small is the most frequented travel destination that’s in North of Vietnam, in Sapa, visitors are spoilt for choices ranging from cultural tours, organized adventure trips as well as travel accommodations. In Sapa you can enjoy the elevated mountain sceneries as well as sightseeing nearby mountain valleys. You can also visit the small ethnic villages and have a chance to learn the traditions and cultures of the Tay, Dao and Hmong among other tribes.

There are numerous activities that you can carry out among them, trekking in the mountain valleys, getting to minority villages, seeing waterfalls and sightseeing the beautiful rice fields.  you can also organize to climb the Fansipan mountains which are the highest in this part of Indochina and are proximal to Sapa town. motorbike tours are also a great option, you can cruise the highlands or even organize some brief rallies mong yourselves. Once in Sapa, you will get to learn of some amazing facts, here are the best of them

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Sapa is found in Lao Cai province in Vietnam and lies a few kilometers south of Vietnam china’s border.  Sapa’s entire population is less than 10,000 people but is visited by over 200,000 people annually this is 20 times more than the town’s population. Most of the people are ethnic Vietnamese who live in encompassing villages and only surface to the towns to sell their products or to shop. in these villages they cultivate and grow rice in terraces which at one time were ranked top as the world most gorgeous terraces by the USA leisure and travel magazine. few kilometers west of Sapa stands Fan Si Pan Mountain Peak happens to be the highest point in Vietnam while Tram Ton pass is the highest and the largest mountain pass in Vietnam, its approximately 2,000 meters tall and happens to pass between Lai Chau and Sapa.(image by Elisa).

Sapa is also home to Muong Hoa Valley which has over 196 bizarre carvings that are believed to have been made by ancient inhabitants who once lived there, thousands of years ago, to archeologists the carvings are still a mystery as they have never been able to explain what they meant.

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Another fact you ought to know is that Sapa is home to some species of immortal flowers that are meant to live forever. Sapa also happens to be one of the very few places in Vietnam where snow falls, Vietnamese students are known to getting to Sapa just to see the snow fall.(image by evershine).

If you are considering to travel to Sapa, spring and autumn are the best seasons. you will enjoy the hiking trips as well as sightseeing the undulating landscape valleys and rice fields that are showcase the rich soils of the highlands. Sapa enjoys a cool and refreshing climate if you compare it with other places in Vietnam, evenings are however cold so remember to carry some warm clothes irrespective of the season.  Due to the mountainous nature of Sapa town, the weather is unpredictable; locals say that if you are lucky you will see all the four seasons in one day.


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