Baby Air Travel Tips For Worried Parents

Are your stressed about how to make it to the plane with a stroller, diaper bag, car seat, carryon bag and yes, your baby all over you? Travelling through busy airports with an infant can be a daunting affair and expose you to plenty of struggles -even before you set off to board your flight. With these simple but effective tips up your sleeve, you can manage your baby gear and make your air travel experiences all the more pleasant for your baby and you alike.

Car Seat Conundrum

Most parents’ debate over the issue linked with bringing their car seat aboard an aircraft. Carry it by all means, as you may also need it for travelling around in a car at your chosen destination. Car seats are easily available on rent and can also be bought on a holiday -but then you cannot be too sure of the quality and may end up spending valuable money on things that your already have back home. So, instead of taking any risky decisions, keep things uncomplicated and carry the seat with you. (image by Jonas and Julia)

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Should you buy an Extra Seat?

Most carriers permit children under the age of two to ride in an adult’s lap. After checking in your car seat with all the other luggage, you can go ahead with your baby in the same seat. However, if money is not a matter or if you intend travelling long distances, then its best to buy another seat and then lug your car seat along. In case your aircraft is not packed to capacity and you have an empty seat nearby, then you may consider using the same after seeking the crew’s permission.

Diaper and Carry On Bags

Your carryon bag serves the role of a briefcase and purse combined while a pretty looking diaper bag happens to be the most practical choice for all air travel. You may consider using a backpack which is much easy to carry if your hands are full with your baby. It easily stores snacks, airline tickets, diapers, identification and also spare outfit for your precious angel. Most importantly, a large backpack ends up holding a lot of baby gear and meets most airline requirements of size for in-flight baggage.

 Strollers – Important Must-Haves

After carrying your baby in your aching arms for a long time, you would obviously be looking around for a seat or wish for a stroller to come your way. Instead of going through the stress, simply carry an infant car with car seats that snap smartly onto your travel system stroller-your problems will be sorted out immensely.

Early Boarding and Gate Check

After making it to your gate, you may like to request the agent to help you with a gate check pass for your baby’s stroller. This effectively means that you can leave behind the stroller at the jet way or gate before boarding the plane and it will be waiting for you after you arrive at your destination.(image by Veeresh Malik)

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Traveling light, having a partner in tow and many other small tips help in making your journey less cumbersome-go for them!


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