Dive into the Magical Marin Life of Sabah Malaysia. See what you’re Missing

Sabah, a state located in Malaysia, quite close to the equator enjoys an equatorial type of climate which is neither too hot nor too cold and this makes it an ideal tourist destination. The state enjoys two major seasons, the dry and the rainy season which makes it quite accessible and can be visited all year round. Most visited are its islands comprising of Layang Layang, Lankayan, Mabu and Sipanda island. These islands happen to be also the most ideal sites for deep sea diving as well as snorkeling. There are also some marine parks like Tunku Abdul Rahman which showcase the diversity of the marine life. The marine parks happen to offer some tourists packages that are determined by the duration of your stay.

Here are some places you can consider to go for diving in Sabah if you are after seeing the magical marine life.

Turtle Island park

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The well known Turtle Island Marine Park is home to endangered turtle species. The park comprises of three islands, the Gulisan, selingan and Bakungan Kechil which encompass 1,740 hectares including the island itself, its seas and surrounding reefs. Hawkbill and Greens turtles are the islands main attraction. You can dive to explore them in their most natural habitat, swim with them or wait them on the shores as they come to lay their eggs at night. You can also get to the coral reefs which are best known for water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving.(image by alcuin lai).

Pulau Tiga Marine Park

The marine park is located opposite Kilas Peninsula swamps and features three coral reef islands namely Pulau Kalampunian Damit, Pulau Kalampunian Besar and PulauTiga which happens to be the largest of the three. The reserve stands on 158 sq. km and is unanimously rich in terms of marine flora and fauna. Its unadulterated islands have some of the best prospects of diving and snorkeling.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

This marine park is just 10 to 25 minutes away from Kota Kinabul city on a speedboat. The park consisits of a number of islands namely Pulau Sulug, Pulau Mamutik,

Pulau Manukan

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Pulau Sapi and Pulau Gaya. Besides the islands are some of the most beautiful coral gardens and famous white beaches. Visitors are assured of finding some of the best un touched natural vegetation, underwater gardens made from gorgeous coral reefs as well as marine animals. The waters are crystal clear and you can enjoy diving, snorkeling, windsurfing among others. The sheltered southern and eastern sides have some of the best reef fringes which happen to be home diverse plant and marine animals, schools of fishes are also common.(image by luyeeteoh).

Sipadan Islands

Located in Celebes Sea Malaysia, the island is home to some 600 meters tall corals. Apart from marine life, the island has served as a crest diving site and is among the best diving sites the world has to offer. The island precise location in the Indo Pacific basin is believed to be the richest submarine habitat in the world. It’s also renowned for its numerous numbers of turtles and has been categorized among the top five best world diving destinations.

Sabah state is just a paradise in terms of marine life and diving world. You really ought to get a vacation and spend some good times in these islands, you  might also consider to get to other places after exhausting these great attractions, bring your family or some few pals with you to make the vacation even more exciting.


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