Do You Pack Effectively? Compare To Our Ideas (examples: role the clothes, vacuum bags, multiple pockets packs, micro fabric towel etc)

Preparing to travel isn’t an easy task to many you have to know exactly what to and what not to carry. Lots of items can just complicate your luggage and give you hard time s while in a foreign country while leaving out some items can just mean that you will have difficulties in your vacation.

Here are some things to carry and not what to carry while preparing for a round the world vacation.

Travel essentials

Ensure you have a passport that valid for six months from the date of travel, carry one photocopy too and store it separately. Remember your ticket or your ticket confirmation code for those who use the e-ticket. Ensure your visa is close to your departure date so as to ensure it remains valid. Have a good suitcase or bag, preferably that which is lockable. Clothing will be determined on the places you intend to travel to but remember to carry a swim suit. Carry with you your driving license you will need it at some point. Travel insurance will sometime be required for a visa so don’t live it behind. Instead of an umbrella carry a lightweight high quality water proof rain coat or jacket.(image by Never Stop Climbing).

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Recommended essentials

Some of these things are not really essentials but we  recommend you include them in your pack while traveling, a camera to capture those precious moments you will have, a cheap phone that is sim card free, phones locked to your country can be a nuisance, an electric converter, petite flashlight, toiletries ,  lip balm and sunscreen ointment to protect you from sunburns, sun glasses, a first aid kit, toilet papers, flip flops, a cheap watch with an alarm clock, inflatable neck rests, guidebook, plastic bags, extra passport photos, a sarong and  pen among others. Vacuum bags, micro fabric towel and a multiple pocket pack will come in handy during your vacation. It’s important to strike out some items as you can easily get them in supermarkets or malls in the respective countries you will be visiting.

Items not to pack

A vest that has three pockets or above, you will look outdated and you will be welcomed with strange and peculiar eyes. Leave under clothing’s travel pouches at home, irrespective of their type, you will be mistaken for tourist with money and you can easily be mugged. Leave your country’s flag back at home, you will also look odd if you embrace the foreign countries flag, in brief terms leave flags out, and you don’t need them. Don’t carry many hats, you just need one hat, economize that space. An umbrella is too bulky, if you really need it you can buy one after arriving and give it to the housekeeper or gate keeper as a present when leaving, they will be grateful. War like knives, leave war knives to the military you are not one, if you really feel you need a knife, carry a small pocket knife to peel your fruits.

Take your time and really evaluate the items you thought you needed, you will be surprised to eliminate some amenities that you thought will be important while in the real sense they aren’t, consult your friend to help you pack, they can also help you strike out some items from the lists.


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