Enjoy 6 Great Attractions in Sentosa Singapore

Sentosa Island is located in Singapore and is ever increasing its popularity as a tourist destination center. Most visitors are pleased by the sandy beaches where they can enjoy sand bathing as they feel the cool oceanic breeze. To get to Sentosa, you can bet a cable ride from the famous Harbor front which will take approximately ten minutes.

Here are some of great attractions you will enjoy to sight see in the Island.

Flora and fauna

Seventy percent of this island is covered with rainforests which nature lovers love to exploit. The forests are home to many wild animals as well as plants. You can also get to visit the underwater world which is a famous tourist destination site that has more than 250 different species of aquatic animals. The underwater world features a great tunnel that you can see marine life closely. This destination is most ideal for families especially those with kids, they will marvel at the beauty of sharks and other marine animals.(image by Lori).

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Carlsberrg tower

This tower is for those who are not afraid of heights, at the top of the tower, you will enjoy sightseeing the beautiful landscapes that stretch on the island. The observation tower also happens to be the tallest free standing tower in Asia. This makes it a must visit. You will also enjoy the breathtaking view of both Sentosa and Singapore.

Butterfly Park

Very few world countries have butterfly parks, in Sentosa island , there is one of the most beautiful butterfly park you ever saw. The butterfly park is is habitat to over fifteen thousand butterflies which are of more than fifty distinct species. This makes the park a must visit as its one of the rarest butterfly conservation center. You will enjoy to see many butterfly species that you would hardly imagine off. Guides will also help you learn about the butterfly life cycle and why some are endangered.


Cine blast is a perfect place for you especially if you are a tech lover. The Cineblast features a 3D extreme simulation ride. Ever since it’s opening in 2007 it has attracted tons of local and international tourists. The Cineblast is equipped with ultra modern high tech light and sound technology which guarantees you of a fun filled and exciting ride.

Siloso beach

One of the best beaches in Sentosa Island, Siloso beach will treat you with lots of fun filled activities generated from beach volleyball, canoeing, sun tanning, sand bathing, water surfing and others. At nightfall you can go to the musical fountains where you will enjoy seeing fifteen minutes of performance that features shows of light, water, sound and video effects. Entry is free and from five pm, the shows begin.(image by Stephen Riley).

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Jewel cable ride

You will enjoy cruising on cable car rides from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island and backing as you have a panoramic view of the entire Singapore’s landscape.

Sentosa island in Singapore is a must visit especially if you are considering to take your family for a fun filled adventure on an island. Car cable riding will forever linger in their memories. You might also consider visiting other places ones you have exhausted these places on the picturesque island.


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