Extreme Sporting Fun for the Adrenaline Junkie in You

2014 is all about adventure and fun and new ways of getting that much needed adrenaline rush! If you have a few days on your hand, then plan a holiday with your peers and friends and gear up to visit an exotic getaway -once there, choose an outdoor team sport and go beyond fruitless banter to estimate your own levels of skills. Vacations steeped in the delights of thrilling team sports promise to break barriers, usher freshness in the minds of all present and transcend monumental egos. This year, it’s time to go ahead and make new friends, break old barriers and set new records. Let’s see how!

Sea Surfing

Guaranteeing to bring about positive improvements in your overall fitness levels, sea surfing in the waters of South East Asia is the right way of going about the act. So, you are still feeling unconfident of sporting a bikini while attending your beginner’s sessions, then do rest assured that you will soon be sashaying down the sandy stretches — flaunting your sexy back and toned abs! If you happen to belong to the other gender, then you may also look forward to getting fine cuts and packs-very soon! While it can be learned individually, the greatest thing about sea surfing is that it works wonders for teams. So, look forward to a refreshing facelift with this exciting adventure sport-right from the first levels. Easy, affordable and very tourist friendly– Southeast Asia is certainly a good choice for this sport. (image by moonman)

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Beginning with Bali; Padang Padang, Kuta, Uluwatu, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are some of the best location for hours of group fun. After visiting these places, you may like to head for Maldives-a region where your surfing lessons can be jazzed with a dash of romance. This is the perfect place for couples desirous of reveling in cozy ‘togetherness’ .The seas of Andaman also boast of some beautiful surfing spots. Plan your trip today!

Zip Lining

This sport has gained recent popularity and lures teams and tourists alike. Zip lining basically consists of participants “zipping” off between platforms located at either ends of a defined space –on a series of cables. In this adventure sport, you will come across one or many cables suspended between man-made structures or trees. Participants (oft referred to as “zippers”), are made to suspend themselves by strong pulley systems that propel them across the cable, via gravity. These cables are mounted in a scientific manner–descending from higher to lower levels with ease. The weight of the zipper and the amount of incline determines the ultimate speed at which he/ she can travel from point to point. Designed purely for fun, adrenalin and speed –zip lining allow you to savor the delights of forests, jungles or waterfalls (in canopy tours) too!(image by golancasterpa)

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Extreme Sporting Fun for the Adrenaline Junkie in You Zip Lining

So, are your ready for some long hours of thrill with these exciting team sports. The long list of adventure fun possible in groups is indeed immense….indulge in some good research for more!


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