Fanciest Sleeper Cars in the World Lure Luxury Travelers

I was quite captivated to see the lovely pictures posted by the Royal Canadian Pacific Company, Canada. Each of them spoke volumes about a fascinating tour from Moscow to Paris -in some of the most elegant and luxurious sleeper cars in the world. These pictures had also set me thinking. With the passage of time, luxury travelers are now looking towards newer ways of spending their surplus money-with traveling at leisure in well equipped coaches being one of the hot favorites this year. Let’s relive one of these trips and see what luxury travel can be all about.

Board the better half of your part of a train car and steep your senses in the luxuries all around -from lush tapestries line the walls to rich carvings and stereo system, flat-screen TV as well as a fully stocked pantry in place, you are certainly spoiled for choice. Well, here you need not settle for one single bathroom, you get two. As you step out from your sleeper coach, you are welcomed by the soft notes of a nearby baby grand filling the hallway. Go a little down the alley and you find a spa offering ayurvedic massage….. all this and more awaits you aboard the spa offering ayurvedic massage in South India. With a price tag of $3,000 per night, this kind of a luxurious and fun filled journey is certainly not cheap. (image by Afton Halloran)

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If you have been on an Amtrak train recently, then you would know what a rolling palace on wheels would feel like. Packaged with doting cabin stewards, gold and marble and gold interiors and king-size beds, these unconventional and elegant sleeper coaches remind you of the fairy tales or royalty of bygone eras.  In spite of the current economic doldrums putting a small dent in the tourism industry, luxury trains are still chugging along at their own pace through the 21st century  and are plying on major routes in most well developed rail systems.

With over-the-top luxury seen and experienced in these sleeper coaches in more ways than one, people are now making a beeline for the highest standards and travel experiences that money can buy on land. According to experts, the expectations and standards of rail passengers are going up by the day -necessitating the incorporation of better and more sophisticated sleeping options, food, washroom facilities and entertainment alike.

The Intense competition prevalent for a small niche of affluent travelers looking for this “addictive experience” is making private companies leap into the fray. This in turn has led to luxury train travel options expanding rapidly in the nation of Europe and beyond -and in many more ways than one. With more and more such rails running on tracks, private companies are investing in and restoring antique rail cars. They are adding non-standard feature like a stocked refrigerator bar; individual climate controls and a safe; sleeper compartments set apart by their generous size; rich furnishings and well trained attendants; and a lot more. (image by Simon Pielow)

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Fanciest Sleeper Cars in the World Lure Luxury Travelers luxury train



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