Feel the Ghostly Chill at these 6 Spooky Places in the World

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Ghostly Chill at these 6 Spooky Places in the WorldTruth or scare? The unmatched thrill and excitement of walking along ghost trails, exploring the eerie interiors of mansions/landscapes that succeed in sending a chill up your spine and listening to intriguing tales and folklores of supernatural phenomena is beyond compare. Canada is flush with some skin-crawling locations, where you are likely to find resources for a never ending series of goose bumps and the scariest ways of spending your vacation. In a nutshell, Canada, among some other countries around the world, has it…be it ghostly towns dotting remote country sides, railway tunnels, former hospitals or the dramatic locations of Ottawa, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Kingston, Vancouver and St. John’s and is a haven for ghost lovers and adventure mongers alike.

Here, we take you through 6 scary locations that boast of much more than simple fun and frivolity. Located across the world, these places offer a source of unprecedented chills and thrills!

Scary Confines of TheBeechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia

Mayday hills lunatic asylum, one of the most popular institutions in Victoria, had once housed inmates who can be best described as “imbeciles” and “lunatics”. After 128 years of operation, the asylum had shut down its gates in the year 1995. Considered as one of the most enthralling haunted locations across Australia, Beechworth leads you through deserted buildings and cold rooms that belong to a fiercely notorious instruction in the world. Experience the miseries and tales behind each ward, talk to local guides and fill the shivers run up your spine-this place is eerie!(image by Craig Powell).

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Mayday hills lunatic asylum Ghostly Chill at these 6 Spooky Places in the World

The Mystery of Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, Toronto Islands, Toronto

Gibraltar Point lighthouse is said to be haunted by the ghost of Mr. J. P. Radan Muller, the keeper who was murdered by a band of thirst-ridded soldiers on a wintry dark night in 1815. It is said that these soldiers were in search of an American whiskey branded as Muller and asked for refills from the keg of this lighthouse keeper. Upon being refused, a violent fight ensued at the spot and the event marked the brutal murder of this innocent man. A place worth a visit for its haunting ambience and scenic environs alike.

The Bhanghar Fort, India

Established way back in 1613, the deserted town of Bhangarh was abandoned after being cursed by a magician. It is believed that any house built in the shadows of The Bhanghar Fort collapses and people who have dared to enter its spooky premises have never returned alive. Visitors are forbidden from entering this venue after sunset-scared?

Aokigahara, Japan

Located near Mt. Fuji, Aokigahara is arguably the most infamous forest in Japan. Oft referred to as Japan’s Demon Forest, , Suicide Forest or the Sea of Trees; Aokigahara has witnessed over 500 confirmed suicides from the year 1950 onwards. Ghost followers would be interested to note that the venue ranks second after the Golden Gate Bridge, as the most popular place for suicides.

Iulia Hasdeu Castle, Romania

Located in Campina town near Bucharest, the Iulia Hasdeu Castle was built in the period 1893-1897 for Julia Hasdeu, who passed away at the tender age of 19 years. After her death, her father tried to re-connect with his daughter’s departed soul through eerie spiritual sessions. The castle lures with its darkened walls, scary rooms, the works/manuscripts of B. P. Hasdeu, and yes, it’s numerous ghost stories, legends and myths.(image by alesia17).

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Iulia Hasdeu Castle Ghostly Chill at these 6 Spooky Places in the World

Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill, Ireland

The infamous precincts of Hellfire Club were built in 1725 by the Speaker of the Irish Parliament, William Connolly. Located on Montpelier Hill in Dublin Mountains, this site offers some spectacular views of the city below. Once a hunting lodge, it took on the sinister role of a base for The Hellfire Club-which was an association of young aristocrats committed to a life steeped in debauchery. This cursed building attracts ghost researchers, hikers and photographers and personifies fear-in every sense of the word!

So, are you ready to delve in the mystical tales of these haunted houses in Canada and other parts of the world? Be prepared for the inevitable!


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