Food around the World-The 8 Most Popular Local Dishes in Malaysia

Malaysia is home to many cultures, this gives it diversity as far as local foods are concerned. You can get dishes that share the same names but are very different for example the Indian Rojak and the Chinese Rojak. Cultural foods are also common, they are well prepared by experienced tribes men and women and over the years they have been embraced as some of the best local dishes of Malaysia. When considering to take a local dish, we recommend you enquire what the dish is prepared of as you might be eating animal protein and you are a vegetarian.

Here are some of the most popular local dishes in Malaysia

Hainanese chicken rice

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Almost chicken, the meal is prepared from chicken rice, cooked with chicken stock, served with steamed chicken. The height of this meal is the deliciously prepared chicken meat which is very smooth and tender. You can enjoy dipping the chicken pieces into ginger or chilies to make it even nicer.(image by Alpha).

Prawn mee

Prawn mee is a Malaysian type on noodles that are best served with thick flavored shrimp stock. To get a better taste, you can serve it with fishcakes, slice pork or bean sprouts. Top your dish with brown fried and well cooked spring onions.

Bak Kut The

The dish originated from a Hokkien word that implies a herbal type of soup that’s served with pork. To accompany it, a bowl of white cooked rice comes as its compliment. Theirs is also a halal version coming up which is replacing the pork with chicken, it’s being called Chi Ku The.

Banana leaf rice

The dish is uniquely served on banana leafs thus the name, it comprises of rice that served alongside anything you want, be it fried fish, vegetables or some fried chicken.

Nasi lemak

This is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in Malaysia; the dish consists of coconut milk rice that is best when served with slices of boiled eggs, cucumbers and sambal ikam bilis. You can also add some beef, chicken or squid meat to add on the delicacy.


Satay is made of marinated meat that’s barbecued on charcoal. Its best companion is the peanut sauce; however you can serve it with cucumbers, onions or ketupat which is basically made of rice cubes that are wrapped with some palm leaves.

Nasi Dagang

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The people of East Coast Peninsular claim it as their East-Coast Nasi-Lemak. The food is basically gelatinous rice that is steamed with purest coconut milk. Its best when served with hard boiled eggs, fish curry, vegetable pickles or shaved fried coconut.(image by the grouch).

Char Kuey Teow

Derived from the Hokkien’s the name means fried “kuey teow” which is a kind of a noodle. The great dish is prepared from variety of ingredients such as cockles, prawns, Chinese sausages, eggs or better still fish cake slices. It’s important to note the dish however varies depending on the place you you bought it from.

Malysian local dishes are some of the world’s most delicious foods, they are prepared by keen and skillful hands and gurantee you nothing but finger licking meals. Come with your family and let them  enjoy a different meal every day, they will live to remember the fond Malaysian meals.


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