Great Budget Accommodation options in Europe To stay

Full of history, beautiful architecture, natural landscapes and great culture, Europe is a very popular travel destination in the world. However, among other expenses such as food cost and transport cost, accommodation in Europe can be expensive and can rapidly chew through your budget. Even though Europe can be pricey, there are several ways that you can save money and traverse this amazing continent even when you are a budget traveler. There are affordable accommodation options available and so one can travel to Europe on budget and take pleasure in everything that Europe has to offer.


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Staying in hostels is one of the best ways that one can save money in Europe. You might think that hostels are meant for young people in their 20s looking to party, but the truth is that hostel options for all traveler types are available. The cheapest hostel rooms are referred to as dorms where one gets their own bed in one shared room which usually houses 4-10 people. There is also a shared bathroom. Many hostels also provide private rooms and even en-suite facilities with some just as fine as hotel rooms but at a less costly price.(image by Ashlee House Hostel).


In case you are staying in a particular city for some weeks or even more, renting an apartment is a really affordable option. The longer one stays, the more options there are for saving cash. For instance, some apartments can be rented out on a weekly basis whereas others are monthly. This option is great especially if you are travelling with some people to share the cost.

Guest Houses

There are people who prefer staying in guest houses over the luxurious hotels. In addition to being a cost effective place to stay in, there are several stylish, ornate and comfy guest houses that are available in Europe that one can choose. They provide a homely atmosphere, something that you really need when you are out on vacation. Most of them do have cooking spaces and clients can utilize this facility at any time they want to. Such facilities are generally not available in five star hotels. Besides eating to according to what you prefer, you can save a great deal of money with this accommodation option.


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There are cheap and discount hotels available as an accommodation option. These hotels are usually small and they do not provide all the fancy stuff that you would see in big hotels. You can consider a bed and breakfast hotel rather than an expensive hotel room. By staying in a BnB, you will obtain a comfy room and also get to learn firsthand about the local culture. This can be a great option especially because they are well located near the city centers.(image by Christophe).


When traveling, there are always better ways to spend your money than on luxury hotels. Accommodation usually eats up a decent budget amount and getting cheap places to stay in is the key to saving money. It is about finding the middle ground between comfort and price.


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