Great Tips to Make your Travel Itinerary Feel Less Daunting

Save good money, precious time and your sanity (and not quite in the same order) with these simple but effective business travel tips!

  • If you have been looking forward to being seated at the window seat and you pilot’s tour leaves you asking for more, then simply take out your copy of ‘America from the Air’, compiled by James Jackson and Daniel Matthews and steep your senses in some stunning aerial photography of common flight paths -it explains the natural history, geology, and human history below. You can also consider carrying a CD-ROM of the same. Get ready to learn that little more at 30,000 feet!(image by J Brew)

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  • While traveling for business, be proud to be the thriftiest packer ever. With sky rocketing weight overage charges in the offing, ensure that you find yourself within the 50-pound limit set by most airlines, even before you leave the house. Use your bathroom scale, you will not be disappointed!
  • While sitting in your window seat on a rainy day, you are watching your bag get soaked as it is being loaded into the plane. Remember to by line the bottom of your bag with  a simple plastic drycleaner’s bag and add another over the top-you will get no damp, wrinkled clothes after reaching your hotel.
  • TSA liquid restrictions may be annoying, but then you have dealt with them before-right?  Your concerns linked with not being able to take along your favorite toiletry brands can be daunting (they may not be on offer in three-ounce sizes). Log in to minimus.biz which takes care of everything minimal -from to Obsession for Men balm to Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, here you get it all. Pack in all your morning hygiene stuff smartly and say “no” to fumbling.
  • While receiving or printing travels documents–confirmation emails, itineraries, maps and so forth, remember to push them into colored, transparent envelopes. Easier to grab on the go, pull out at the door to the airport and beyond as well as easy to look for in your bag, these envelopes also provide handy places to store receipts.
  • If you are embarking on a crucial trip, you surely cannot afford to have your flight cancelled or delayed. Instead of being stressed about missing a meeting or your connecting flight, just double-book your airline tickets. Along with a flight that is your first choice, buy a fully refundable ticket for your schedule-from another local airport and a different airline.
  • Delayed flights and layovers can offer great work times, but only if you can concentrate. Find yourself a quiet corner or terminal getaways at airporthavens.com and pull your laptop out. You may find yourself off the smoking zone at Tampa International or in a cell-phone parking lot in SeaTac – take your pick!(image by Jody Rodgers)

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Great Tips to Make your Travel Itinerary Feel Less Daunting -smoking zone
These small tips are very effective for most travelers -regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Traveling stress free is often a state of the mind. So, instead of getting bogged down by unavoidable situations or getting harried about weather conditions beyond your control, simply make a list of all probable uncomfortable situations that may come your way -and make backup plans for the same.


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