How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

There are lots of people in this world who are greatly afraid of flying. They too scared to ride a plane so much that they would prefer to travel by land or by boat just to get to their desired destination, without a care in the world how many long and tiring hours they have to spend just to get to their destination. For some, it would take a lot of guts to learn how to face their fears of getting on a plane. Your anxieties and fears of flying can never be avoided, but you can learn how to control them or even beat them.

Here are a few tips on how you can pull yourself together and get on that plane.

Always Know What to Expect

It’s best to enter a plane knowing what goes on inside the aircraft beforehand rather than when you’re already inside of it while take-off. By doing this you can gain an idea on what really goes down. Talk to friends who have been on a plane before, hear their experiences from flying from beginning to end, what do they feel when the plane hits turbulence and other questions you want to know the answers to. There’s no limit to the number of questions you want to ask so ask away so you can get some satisfaction and an assurance from them that everything will be okay. (Image courtesy of Mark Fischer)

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Take a Breather and Relax

Panicking most of the time while on a flight won’t solve anything. It will only make things worse not only for yourself, but for other people, especially those involved in helping you conquer your fears, as well. Before flight, use this opportunity to gain composure and collect your thoughts. Meditation will help your brain relax and function well. This way, you get to create a positive vibe inside your head, as well as those around you.

Talk to the Captain and Airline Crew

As a passenger who may have unconquerable fears of flying, the best people you can approach are the people who have been there and done all of that. These are the people who have spent most of their lifetime flying from city to city – from one country to another, so they’re most certainly the best people to go to for some advice and provide you with the support you need to get through a flight. If you’re near a trained professional, they may make you realize that flying is not all that scary as it seems to be. (Image courtesy of Nava Writz)

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Remember Why You’re Flying

Always bear in mind the reason why you’re boarding an aircraft to begin with. Think that flying is a faster way of getting to your desired destination much faster – that flying is so much better than having to spend two hours or more on a bus or a boat on your way to the place you’re going to. Or the reason that you’re flying is because you’re visiting a relative, a friend or a family living far away from where you’re from, or you’re on a business trip that is being held in another town.

Consult Your MD

Go to your doctor and get a prescription on anti-anxiety medication pills. It gets tough when all else fails so best better get those prescribed pills beforehand so you won’t have to resort to alcohol or other stuff to keep all your fears and whatever anxieties you’re feeling at bay.

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