How To Make International Calls Easily While Traveling

Traveling is so much fun especially when you share the experience with loved ones while on the road. You want to share the experiences while still fresh. With today’s technology, sharing the trip and making international calls is easier than ever. You can even do it without returning to a bill equaling the total vacation cost!

Replace your SIM card when in a GSM region. Cost to the US for outgoing calls is still quite expensive at about 0.50 a minute. To save attempt to schedule a call time since incoming calls are often free. The cards run about $20 which generally includes $10 of call time. Another option is to see what your carrier can do for you in terms of a rentals. Often times arrangements can be made to have one waiting. The cost is about $50 but will probably be worth the investment.(Image by dave01568)

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Calling cards are an inexpensive option to research but there are a few things to consider. The price maybe inexpensive but finding a phone can be a challenge when traveling. Plus when making internal calls there can be a hefty charge for the connection. Since we rarely travel with some type of laptop or notebook. Make sure that you load it with VOIP software. Many applications such as Skype are free for use among account holders. Can’t get any less expensive than free!

One excellent application which utilizes your Skype information is Fring which required Wi-Fi capability. The advantage of this application is that it allows for SkypeOut calls to anyone. The other advantage is that it incorporates various messenger services such as Twitter and MSN Messenger. Definitely a great idea when you call aboard. Make certain that your regular cell phone knows where you are. Forward the number to your international number whether it be Skype or a messenger service. To insure that calls do not go to your cell number place it on airplane mode.

Know what services you will need and shop accordingly. Perhaps you do not need a smart phone for internationally calling. Realize that data cost vary but can run $1 a gigabyte. Think before you use. There are many carriers that offer “frequent traveler” discounts. Take advantage of them but know this is far from the less expensive alternative. Horror stories of returning home to massive bills are constantly displayed on the net. When making international calls follow these simple rules and you should be limited on your surprises:

• Use alternatives to your cell phone. Options such as Skype were designed with free international calling in mind.(Image by OfficialSkype)

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Skype International Calls Easily While Traveling

• Buy a regional SIM card

• Use the local Wi-Fi spots as a way to save and see the culture

• Keep the cell phone on airplane mode to avoid surprised calls

• Research discounts from your Carrier

While on the trip enjoy the local culture by utilizing the local hotspots. You’re on a trip so chances are an occasional contact should work. You’re generally connected 24/7 so for many a vacation is defined as time away from technology.


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