In the Land Down Under: Top Cities to Visit in Australia

Australia – a country where the heat is scorching hot during the summer, a season that unusually takes place in the month of December. It is also the place where most of the koalas and kangaroos of the world abide, the Aussies are known to live an incredibly laid back lifestyle, and where you will always hear “G’day mate!” every single day of the week, complete with the acquainted Australian twang. Yes, the land Down Under is a very unique and interesting country, no doubt about that. Beautiful beaches, national treasures and amazing tourist attractions are just some of the things this country has and will no doubt draw a lot of tourists in.

There are loads of places you can go to and loads of cities to explore. Each Australian city is different from one another, but strictly Aussie in terms of flavor. The Rocks, the South Bank, the Opera House, the beaches, summer rooftops, art precincts and botanic gardens are just some of the few things you will witness when you step foot in the Australian shores. But which city, you ask; the aforementioned things can be found.


The biggest and most populated city in the country that has hosted multiple worldwide events over the years, Sydney is erected on peaks bordering Port Jackson, better known as the Sydney Harbor, where the historical Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge can be seen. The neighborhood is surrounded with national parks whereas the shoreline area contains many bays, rivers, inlets and beaches. The beaches include the popular Bondi and Manly beaches, where citizens and tourists alike frequent especially on a hot summer’s day. (Image courtesy of Cuba Gallery)



Named after its metropolitan hub called the Melbourne City Club, it is the second most populous city in Australia and the country’s leading financial centre. The city is one of the most greatly developed cities, rated highly in areas such as education, sports, healthcare, tourism, research and development. Because of this, it is often ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. Melbourne is the city where bars, cinemas and restaurants are held across rooftops every summer. Also feel free to let out your inner fashionista when you get to Brunswick Street, where you can shop, eat, drink, meet and dance the night away. (Image courtesy of Cuba Gallery)



The city near the Gold Coast is where you can make a getaway to its wonderful attractions. At Brisbane, you can make the most of your stay by relishing on the plush parks and meet some of the locals who love nothing more than to relax all day long. This city, the third most populated in all of Australia and classified as a Global city, also has top-notch shops at Queen Street and experience fine dining at the South Banks’ sandy lagoon where you can discover its depot of various cultural attractions.


In this beautiful city, the fourth largest in terms of population, you can take a cruise on the Swan River where you can pass by certain landmarks, structures, parks and even 40 vineyards along the way. Swan Valley and Perth Zoo are just some of the places you’ll see as you cruise along. Rottnest Island provides you with the opportunity to discover history; go to hidden beaches while on a bike ride and go kayaking. View the sunset at Cottesloe Beach and from there you can dine at the most affordable eateries and have a drink at the hippest bars there.


While this city may not be the largest or most populated out of all Australian cities, it is the most important city of them all – it is, after all, the capital city of the whole of Australia. If you are a person who is greatly fascinated with history and culture, the “bush city” is the one place where you can get your fill of Australian antiquity and national treasures.

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