Lego Land for Your Kids? Now in Malaysia

LegoLand has finally got to Malaysia, bigger and better, Malaysian Lego stands in a 76 acre theme park and is designed to cater for all kids who are between two to twelve years old. The park features over forty rides and attractions that range from race cars, rollers coasters and family oriented interactive shows. Most of the rides are basically hands on, this implies you can pull, push, pedal, steer, program, crawl, splash, squirt and climb as you have your way in a fun full day, fun and more fun is all what we have for your kids.

Malaysia’s Lego land comes as the 6th to be built and is actually the first of its kind in Asia. The entire park is partitioned into 7 themed areas, all the seven themes are then each designed such that everybody will find something to explore and enjoy in spite of your age, there are water attractions, roller coaster s and shows in each theme. This makes it possible for your kids to spend a whole day discovering and adventuring without getting tired. Your family will definitely enjoy being in such a place that one of a kind, at the end they will be tired but so excited and elated.

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The epicenter of the theme park is actually MINILAND.  In MINILAND, prominent Asian towns and Asia’s undulating landscape has been recreated on a perfect scale of 1:20, the facility has used more than twenty five million bricks and features that have been installed with detailed attention. People, cars, animals, ships, aero planes and trains can actually be moved by just touching a button, this was dome to make MINILAND to be as rational as possible. Background noises can also be heard, this can best define MINILANDS innovation at its best. MINILAND showcases not only Malaysian but also Singaporean and other Asian landmarks.(image by Johor Real Estate Jual).

Your adventure in LEGOLAND starts at the well renowned shop, The Big Shop which has the largest collection of Lego toy products in entire Asia. Next you head to the Imagination where families can enjoy building LEGO bricks, after that you can actually test the strength of your structure on an earthquake table. You can also race the LEGO cars you have made. LEGO TECHNIC comes knocking after building the bricks, here you are expected to brave sharp turns of project X razors and get to AQUAZONE where you have to dodge some water blasts. You can also brainstorm and come up with programmed LEGO robots.

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From there you should proceed to the LEGO KINGDOMS where you are expected to conquer the famous Dragon coaster, get through Forest men’s hideout and gallop your way out with the Roy al Joust. The nest theme is the LAND OF ADVENTURE, here kids will enjoy firing laser blasters as they aim to protect some ancient treasures and then plunge into some themed tropical jungle located in Dino Island. Lastly they get to the renowned LEGOCITY where they are expected to acquire a driving license from a driving school, after this, they can choose to pilot an airplane, captain a boat or just ride in LEGOCITY. Make sure you take your kids to LEGOCITY  for them to have unlimited loads of fun.(image by Johor Real Estate Jual).


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