Made in the USA: The Top American Cities & Attractions Perfect for a Vacation

Being one of the largest countries in the world in terms of both the size of land and population, the United States of America is without a doubt a very big country with numerous places, landmarks and attractions available that is catered to tourists both local and foreign ones. With a total of 50 states, you will most certainly have a difficult time choosing the best place to have a vacation. From beaches to national parks and theme parks, the good old U.S.A. is a special place to go to and each and every attraction in there presents a certain kind of flavor. This article lists down the places in the USA that are truly worth spending loads of bucks.

New York City

There’s truly so many things that a tourist can do in the city that never sleeps. Visiting museums, watch plays on Broadway, hopping to high class New York City bars are just some of the activities provided forth in the Big Apple. And if you ever need a break from seeing the city’s tall skyscrapers and busking nightlife, take refuge in Central Park for a change of scenery. (Image courtesy of Songquan Deng)


Yellowstone National Park

If you’re the type of adventurer who prefers to hike on mountains and trails rather than soak up the hot sun all summer long, then the Yellowstone National Park is the place for you. This place is truly perfect for lovers of nature as it is filled with sweltering fountains, polychromatic lakes, fizzy hot springs, and long and narrow trekking trails. The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center will most certainly be valued by animal fanatics the world all over.

Washington D.C.

The nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is the home of the famous White House where the President of the country lives. Considered as a political district where politicians – senators, congressmen, Democrats and Republicans alike – gather together, it also serves as a home for other historical landmarks such as the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and one of the Smithsonian Museums in the city.

San Francisco

San Fran, as people fondly like to call it, has this brazened freethinking attitude lived by its inhabitants here. The bohemian capital is a much more sophisticated and cultured city compared to its fast paced and coarse southern relative Los Angeles, with neighborhoods that are lively and scenery that is undoubtedly quaint. If you have an eye for art with an edge, cuisine that is ingenious and a passion for a guns-blazing escapade, then San Francisco is the place for you.

New Orleans

Out of all cities in America, the Big Easy is the one American city where it has a variety of cultures ranging from Caribbean to European ones. Feel free to join in the celebrations during the Mardi gras season, dance to jazz, blues and RnB music played in the streets, bars and restaurants, have a look at some of the finest European-style buildings and enjoy the finest Creole cuisine.

Las Vegas

If you’re in the mood for some gambling and want to experience the glitz, glamour and grandeur of the bright lights in a big city, head on over Sin City Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. The place is not only suitable for a week-long family or couples vacation, but it is also the perfect host for certain special occasions like bachelor/bachelorette parties and wedding ceremonies. So many things can happen in Vegas and as most people will of course know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (Image courtesy of Bally AlGharabally)

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Atlantic City

Living on the East Coast but want to fly over to Vegas so bad? There’s always Atlantic City, the East Coast’s version of the entertainment capital of the world. Like Vegas, it also has the glitz, glamour and grandeur of the Sin City, only the difference between these two gambling heavyweights is that Atlantic City is located on the far side of the ocean. So not only will you take delight in casinos and parties, but you can also go to the white sand beaches and relax all you want.

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