Spend Less and Enjoy More in Italy

Are you desirous of delving in the pleasures of Italy but are still unsure of the costs that may come your way? Even with the falling dollar and increasing costs of travel in Europe, you can end up sending as little as $ 50 per day and enjoying the many bounties that this nation has to offer.

Well, your airfare will obviously comprise of a bulk of your overall costs , but this investment will bring you closer to flavors and sights that you would cherish for the rest of your life. Strive to can knock down the cost of transatlantic transportation by snagging a sale or availing your frequent flier miles. Direct flights to Venice–which fly without taking  a pit stop at American cities like New York,  are usually  the cheapest.  With this expense under your belt, trimming costs on the ground is not too tough.

Read on for some money-saving suggestions while touring Italy.

Walk everywhere

This car-free , calm city is actually an island located in a calm lagoon. Here, you can best explore its many delights by walking-the shorelines will always meet up with you at short distances. Get “lost” among ancient bridges, savor the delights of its many palaces, come closer to the gondolas sailing down its canals or simply thrill your senses with the Venetian characteristics all around. By walking, you can save upon the $8 one-way price levied by the popular public transportation ferry, (vaporetto) that sails through the day on the waters of the Grand Canal.(image by k_d90805)

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Stay away from Pizzas

While a personal pizza purchased in busy tourist areas can bring you down by €13 to €15 (which is $19!), the plate of cicheti-the regional tapas-like food served with a glass of local wine in a laid-back baccaro will pinch your pocket with an expense of $ 5 only. Loved by the local populace and foreign tourists alike, this and other regional dishes found in active downtown eateries make your trip all the more budgeted. Keep a watch for places like Campiello di Remer-which help you enjoy orange or red cocktails (called spritz) with never-ending doses of salads, spreads, and delectable dishes that take care of your other meals.

Refrain from Climbing High

Here, you must steer clear of climbing anything-especially if you are going low on your cash. For instance, enter free into the stunningly ornate  St. Mark’s Basilica, but do not choose to get on to the gallery across San Marco square for a better view -you will have to pay!

Stay away from Public Toilets

Using a public toilet costs about $2. Instead of spending that kind of money in  a potentially filthy toilet, buy yourself a bottle of water at a cafeteria-as a client, you may use their clean and proper bathroom. (image by David Thousand Words)

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Spend Less and Enjoy More in Italy -Public Toilets

The list of money saving tips in Italy is indeed long and exhaustive…….while locals get cheaper rates everywhere, you as a tourist will have to pay that little extra. It will be beneficial to have a local guide, relative or friend to take you around -try finding one!


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