Stress Management During Travel Mishaps

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and loaded with unlimited fun, but modern traveling can be anything but the same. A host of unexpected events may act as a dampener for your trip-from flight delays to political upheavals, lost luggage, long and daunting security check-in lines, uneasy car rentals, horrific facilities in pre-booked hotels… the list of travel related stress triggers is indeed endless.

These effective stress management ideas help you remain cool and handle all travel hassles that may come your way.

Plan Ahead

Your stress management strategies call for some prior preparation and well conceived planning to prevent you from getting overwhelmed. If you can per-conceive what all can go wrong in your trip, then go ahead and make a backup plan for handling the issues and every predictable scenario on hand. The act will help you be more relaxed in the event of any mus-happening, as you are not caught unaware. You will also be better equipped to handle changes in schedules, accommodation facilities or your itinerary-if any. (image by allannah)

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Cancelled/ Delayed Flights

In case you have an onwards connecting flight, a cancelled/ delayed one can end up ruining your day-especially if you are not prepared. To overcome this, program your carrier’s phone number and reservation details into your cell phone, before you leave the comforts of your home. Instead of lining up at the counter with thousands of other harried passengers in the event of bad weather or other reasons for delay/ cancellation; simply call up the airline’s reservation desk and seek accurate information. Harness the powers of the internet and rebook your flight and move on -you can always reschedule your itinerary if you know what to do.

Long Wait Times

Waiting is indeed a psychological torture and more so when you have to spend those daunting hours waiting for your flight to leave. Made all the more terrible with the presence of bored and irritated kids in tow, these long waits can be well addressed by bringing along an interesting book to read, a nice DVD that plays your favorite flick on the laptop or anything else that promises to keep you entertained at the airport. Avoiding peak travel times as flying much earlier in the day and checking in your baggage beforehand are some other ways of cutting down on airport time.

Lost Luggage

Losing a bag or any other possession is not at all a happy occasion -especially if you are travelling half way around the world, to different climatic zones or have an important meeting to address somewhere. Be better prepared for this unwarranted happening by packing in all your essentials in a small carry-on bag-include a change of clothes, Rx medications and few basic toiletries.

Rude People

Stress can also appear in the form of rude co-passengers or other offensive people in the same package as you, airport employees, hotel staff or your local tour operator. In instead of getting irritable yourself, try to be polite and pleasant. Refrain from taking out your frustrations on others and make more use of the universal language that speaks of compassion, empathy and smiles -you will not be disappointed. (image by Alan Miller)

See Local To Action www.clocalltoaction.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Stress Management During Travel Mishaps -Rude People

Use these tips, and you will find yourself more relaxed and in better state to savor your holidays!


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