The 7 Places in the Philippines You Cannot Miss

The Philippines, known officially as the Republic of the Philippines, is a Southeast Asian country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is the twelfth most populated country in the world, with a population of more than 98 million people. Additionally, it is the 64th largest country in the world and it consists of an archipelago of 7107 islands that are classified under three main geographical divisions namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It is also a country that is bequeathed with some of the world’s most amazing biodiversity and copious amounts of natural resources.

In the Philippines, there are loads of places where you can go to. The country is gifted with some of the finest beaches and historical landmarks found all over the island. The country has plenty of outstanding tourist attractions. Seven well-known places here in the Philippines are the places where you should go to.

Intramuros, City of Manila

Intramuros (a Latin phrase for “within the walls”) is one of the oldest district and historic core of the city of Manila. The place itself is filled with rich Spanish history and it was the original seat of the government during the time the Philippines was under the realm of the Spanish Empire. Visitors can take part in a tour around Intramuros as well as the city of Manila itself. Carlos Celdran is one of many tour guides in the country who can take you on a tour around the city, providing the tourists with creative and innovative ways of leading patrons around the city as he narrates along the way.


This small island located south of Manila and off northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines is known for its white-sand beaches. The island itself has received numerous awards from a variety of travel agencies and publications. Besides the white-sand beaches, it is also one of the top destinations for relaxation, tranquility and nightlife (image courtesy of basil).

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Province of Bohol

The tenth largest island in the country, the province of Bohol is widely regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations mainly because of the Chocolate Hills, one of the Philippines’ natural wonders. The hills can be seen by climbing up the highest point of the land or by ultra-light airplane tours. In addition, Panglao Island, located southwest of the capital Tagbilaran City, is notable for its diving locations and it is often listed as one of the top diving spots in the world. The province is also where the Philippine Tarsier, considered the second smallest primate in the world, is found.

Camiguin Island

An island known in the country for its numerous natural and man-made attractions, Camiguin is located in the Bohol Sea, 10 kilometers off the northern coast of the island of Mindanao. Some of its well-known attractions include its smaller islands (White Island and Mantigue Island), hot and cold springs, waterfalls (Katibawasan Falls and Tuasan Falls) and the Sunken Cemetery. The island also celebrates the Lanzones festival, a festival celebrating the aforementioned fruit, a small grape-sized fruit grown in the islands, each year in the month of October.

Siquijor Island

Like the other small islands, Siquijor is also known for its beaches and historical landmarks. However, what makes this place one-of-a-kind in comparison to the other places is that it has a reputation for being a place surrounded with magic and sorcery – something that has both raised interest and fear in visitors. Other attractions surrounding the island include waterfalls, caves and its very own butterfly sanctuary.

Palawan Island

The place is considered as one of the largest islands in the country in terms of total area of jurisdiction. The island is noted for preserving marine wildlife and environmentalism and is one of the few places in the country that is active in doing so. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the El Nido Marine Reserve Park are just some of the places people can go to when in the island of Palawan (image courtesy of Patrick Kranzlmuller).



One of the most popular tourist destinations, the province of Cebu is also considered as one of the most developed provinces in the country – with Cebu City as one of the main centers for education, industry, commerce and trade in the whole of Visayas. Cebu City is also one of the country’s cultural centers. The city is notable for celebrating the Sinulog Festival, taking place every year on the third Sunday of January, which celebrates the festival of the Santo Niño, the patron of Cebu. The celebration lasts for nine days straight.

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