The Art of Traveling Light: 5 Ways to Do it Right

For well-versed travelers, the art of traveling light is just as important as getting to know a place you have never been to before. Not only does it help rid of the burden of carrying stuff that’s heavy, but also saves you from paying bucket loads of cash because of it. So here are five ways in order to travel less and save less.

Be Knowledgeable with the Restrictions

Buses and ferries do not charge for excess baggage fees and are not as strict as to how many baggage you can bring on a trip either by land or by sea. Unfortunately though, that is not the case when it comes to traveling by air.

Therefore, if you’re planning on going to your desired vacation destination by plane, make sure you check out your airline’s rules on carry-on and check-in baggage. Take note on what luggage size you can take with you as a carry-on and how heavy your baggage should be. If you’re not sure about the weight of your bags & suitcases, have it weighed in beforehand so you can avoid paying for expensive fees for excess baggage when you arrive at the airport.

Also be wary of what items you can and cannot bring on a plane. Otherwise, airport personnel will confiscate the restricted items, especially those items that happen to be important to you, and you may never get them back.

Bring Travel-Sized Items

To save some space in your luggage for other essential items like perfume and toiletries, it is recommended to bring smaller versions of these items instead of big ones used at home. Instead of big bottles of shampoo and conditioner, bring sachets. Instead of a full piece of tissue roll, bring tissues stored in tiny little packs. As far as medications go, take the medicinal packs from the boxes and transfer them to a tiny plastic bag with zip. (Image courtesy of Alan Alfaro)

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Pack Light, Wear Heavy

If you plan on bringing a pair of shoes, jeans and a jacket on a trip, it is best to wear them while traveling instead of having to pack them inside your luggage or backpack. This way, you don’t have to worry about creating a space for these heavy items and you can leave room for lighter clothes and items like dresses, shorts, slippers, tank tops and other items you can bring on a long trip.

Make a List

Making a list may be a daunting and boring task to do but it’s truly beneficial when it comes to travel, especially when it comes to packing. List down all the items you feel like bringing along with you a week or two before your trip and go over them and determine which of these items you will retain and cross out. One of the reasons why it is important to make a list is that it not only helps you bring things you need, but also things that you don’t really need. It is also a way for you to avoid over-packing as some people usually have the tendency to bring extra items along with them “just in case”. (Image courtesy of Kathleen Franklin)

www.clocalltoaction.com See Local to Action Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - The Art Of Traveling Light 5 Ways Of Doing It Right - Travel List

Travel with an Open Mind

Traveling light has its own set of benefits, but the best item that you can bring along with you on a trip is to travel with a positive outlook. Don’t set too many expectations for yourself on a trip. A lot of expectations would often lead to disappointments after all. So at the very least, simply expect the unexpected. For as long as you are heading for the trip well prepared, then you have nothing to worry about.

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