The Best Cities in South America

South America is, without question, one of the biggest and most beautiful continents the world has ever seen. This continent, located in the Western Hemisphere, has the most abundant resources in wildlife and environmental life as well as copious numbers of biodiversity surrounding the whole continent. Aside from the nature and beauty of it all, it is also a continent that is very multicultural, vibrant, eclectic and energetic that can be attributed to the Latinos’ vivacious affinity for all things fun, colorful and entertaining.

A lively continent like South America comes with equally lively countries and cities in it. Each and every one of these South American cities offer something different from the other but are one in terms of pure Latin flavor. This article lists down the stand-out cities in the continent and everything you need to know about each and every one of them.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the finest cities in all of South America, Rio de Janeiro features numerous landmarks that that are very renowned all over the world. These landmarks include the Corcovado Mountain which currently supports the long-standing Christ the Redeemer statue, the curved slope of the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the popular Copacabana and Ipanema beaches that sweeps the softest and whitest sands on the planet. (Image courtesy of stuartws777)

www.clocalltoaction.com See Local to Action Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation – The Best Cities in South America - Rio de Janeiro

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A city filled with dazzling bars, sophisticated restaurants, crowded nightclubs and notable landmarks, Buenos Aires is where everything has a lot going on. This is a city that is proud of its traditions but has its own distinctive qualities which helps makes it stand out amongst other South American cities. It is truly a perfect vacation spot for people who love to mingle and party all night long. (Image courtesy of Francisco Aragao)

www.clocalltoaction.com See Local to Action Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation – The Best Cities in South America - Buenos Aires

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The city of Sao Paulo is the country’s economic, industrial and agricultural heart, where it produces abundant amounts of fruits and vegetables all year round. The city center is brimming with fantastic art galleries and cultural centers and it greatly excels in the realms of fashion and music on a global scale. The beaches such as Ilhabella rival that of neighboring Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro and other beaches down south are yet to be discovered.

Santiago, Chile

This beautiful Chilean city is staged on broad lowland that is close to the Andes’ base and it possesses one of the most stunning backgrounds like no other city on the planet. The towering cordillera boasts a wonderful view and it becomes even more beautiful after a rainstorm. Additionally, you can also take a look at the city’s finest attractions which include the Plaza de Armas, the Palacio de la Moneda, the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino and the Museo Colinial, after which it is trailed by a climb at the top of Cerro Santa Lucia, all of which can be visited on in just two or three days. If you prefer a lighter activity, there is the vibrant mercados La Vega or Central.

Lima, Peru

This city has long been considered as the most beautiful city in all of Spanish South America, all because of its certain elegance that can be particularly felt in the regal Lima Centro. Lima is still strongly overflown with rich history and culture. Its museums are greatly considered the city’s top attractions, as well as the delicate Spanish churches located in the heart of the city, a few illustrious manors found in the well-off districts of Miraflores and Barranco and some restaurants that offer fine Spanish dining.

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