The Best Gay Wedding Destinations in the World

Along with 17 US states and District of Columbia, 16 countries are now allowing same-sex marriage. With more and more LGBT couples tying the knot, wedding planners and tour organizers are recommending amazing ways of getting married : in a countryside church, beside a volcano, atop a glacier or in natural havens stretching from  Bora Bora to Scandinavia. Read on for a closer glimpse of some of the finest gay wedding destinations which are not only romantic and gorgeous but also make it easy of those in love to get married on-site.


Providing picture-perfect settings for a gay wedding, Hawaii helps lovebirds take the plunge in Hawaii’s blue-seas paradise-as their guest savor the cool breeze under shady palm-trees. Complete with loads of outdoor activities, lots of beach fun and exotic places to stay and revel in, Hawaii also provides a bonus in the form of a honeymoon that is ready-made. So, after taking the nuptial vows gay couples can be seen swaying in beachside hammocks,   swimming in waterfall pools, sipping upon celebratory tropical cocktails or riding horses with joyful local cowboys.(image by Jun Robato)

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This Islands’ aloha spirit is coupled with the warm hospitality meted out by generations of diverse populations living together in harmony and a laid-back pace.  Here, no one has the inclination to look twice-especially in O’ahu, Maui or around Waikiki-the gay hubs of this extremely attractive wedding destination. In Hawaii, you are likely to find many B&Bs, beaches, and resorts catering to the needs of the LGBT community.

San Francisco, California
With the rainbow flag flying higher than elsewhere in the US, San Francisco has been the center of American lesbian and gay culture for over a half-century. the Castro District. Boasts of many shops, eateries, bars and hotels to cater to the gay crowd. The city’s breathtaking hills, exquisite foodie fare and the brooding fog act as extra lures and transform it into a great wedding location for one and all.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Looking for the perfect colorful backdrop for your wedding pictures? Think Buenos Aires. This progressive city is Buenos Aires is Latin America’s major gay capital and seduces without shame. After the departure of their guests, gay couples can spend their time carving into a steak before washing it down with velvety Malbec wine, enjoying an interesting opera at Teatro Colón, visiting Evita’s grave, bargaining hard at San Telmo street market or simply watching tango performers getting their groove on. This city has a lot on its cards for gays and offers plenty of opportunities to learn sultry dance; indulge in the bounties of the Queer Tango Festival in November; reside in the well equipped guesthouses dotting the neighborhoods of Retiro, San Telmo, Palermo Viejo and Barrio Norte. Enjoy!

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, Africa’s gayest city, is beauty personified and attracts such couples for reasons more than one. Its sculpture-lined parks, flat-topped mountains and golden beaches help them strike a pose and provide the perfect venue for weddings and honeymoons alike. Bohemian gayborhoods like those of De Waterkant are completely entertaining and provide easy access to Bucolic vineyards striping the outskirts. With penguin-spotting tours, shark-cage diving and a lot more…… Cape Town ranks high on the list of desirable destinations in the gay world.(image by howfull)

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