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Sometimes celebrities seek to get away from all the attention and go into different directions off the beaten track and the result is always a place such as Uzbekistan. It is a beautiful country with century’s old history which is well preserved, strong authentic culture, ancient architectural monuments and unique cuisine. With the government emphasizing on tourism, modern developments are shaping this country with beautiful resorts in areas close to Tashkent, on the thermal springs and other scenic corners of the country.

The ancient Silk Road is lined up with legendary cities which depict an era long gone; cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Kokand, Shakhrisabz, Marqilan, Andijan and Fergana give you a feeling of a hero in an oriental fairytale. A tour along this famed trade route reveals a plethora of ancient structures ranging from mosques to tombs and from palaces to fortresses; it is like walking into a living museum of history.(Image by Alexey Protchenkov)

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Away from the Silk Road, there are other refreshing places of this dry country such as the lush nature reserve of Zaamin, the cool fresh waters of Charvek reservoir near Tashkent ideal for swimming, the Aydarkul Lake and the rough streams of Ugam. It is a destination that nature has shaped in such an artistic way to produces some of the most scenic locations on the planet.

A break in Uzbekistan gives every kind of holiday a chance with possibilities of ecotourism, mountain skiing, hunting, fishing and relaxing and it is obvious why celebrities find it as a destination to stop over and take in its spellbinding natural beauty and be rehabilitated after a rigorous episode of life.


Namibia is a unique country with spectacular desert landscapes, a ghostly coastline of sand, fog and ship wrecks, ancient artistic treasures, authentic tribes and some of the best luxury safari camps and lodges in Africa. In a country that has more wildlife than people, vast empty spaces is Namibia’s ace which mean uninterrupted game viewing and refreshing uncharted adventures for even the most seasoned safari connoisseurs.

It is a destination that has attracted several celebrities to explore it stark landscapes enjoy perfect hideaways in the luxury tents in the wild and even shoot movies. It is the place that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose to be the birthplace of their first biological son Shiloh and where Charlize Theron shot a movie on the shores of its dramatic coastline.

From its fascinating landscapes to the vast parks teeming with spectacular wildlife to the tribes that have called this place home for centuries, it is a land of adventure, mystery and discovery.

There are many reasons why celebrities love Namibia, the way nature has shaped the vast spaces of Namibia and the amazing wildlife adapted to the harsh desert conditions and amidst all this drama, the luxury safari lodges under the sun that offer a place to relax after exploring the land. With the exceptional being the norm and experiences like no other on the planet, Namibia offers a different kind of atmosphere to unwind.(Image by Suresh Krishna)

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The Amalfi coast in Italy may just be about 50 kilometers long but its beauty has attracted a constellation of stars from every corner of the planet to indulge in this Italian paradise. This romantic coast has long been a go to holiday retreat for the rich and famous and it is not surprising. Bordered by an azure ocean, punctuated by pastel colored villages hanging precariously on the sharp cliffs and perfumed by lemon groves it is no wonder that this gorgeous coastline is flocked by celebrities to enjoy its spectacular beaches and luxuries.

A favorite destination for the likes of Kim Kadashian, Angelina Jolie, Collin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins and many more, the Amalfi coast has become synonymous with luxury and has been an important mark on the international travel map since the 18th century but its popularity peaked in the 1900s as a result of major investments in luxury travel (see Bridgewater Travel for some of the amazing villas they stay in).

This gorgeous coastline offers the perfect ingredients for a beach holiday; the azure blue skies, the sun drenched sandy beaches and the beautiful towns lining up the shoreline with restaurants, pubs and pretty hill top villages. Aside from the beauty, it is a place you can relax and indulge in sea food and taste the best wines synonymous with Italy

There are major beautiful resorts that were once simple fishing villages and they include Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Minori and Sorrento each viewed as national treasures due to their unique Mediterranean architecture and breathtaking natural sites.


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