The Magic of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Cameron highlands are located in Malaysia and stand at an incredible height of 1,829 meters and over the years it has been acknowledged as the country’s biggest hill resort. The highlands have cooler climates as compared to the other parts of the climate which is ideal for farming.. There are three townships that stand at different elevations from where you can see the breathtaking undulating landscape, lush green vegetation and stunning flora which happens to be the prime producer of flowers in entire Malaysia. The peaceful highland still retains the charms of any English village and will leave you with memorable experiences of Malaysian holidays. Among other things you will enjoy to see the following:


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The Cameron highlands have cool tropical climates and rich fertile soils which are most ideal for farming. Tea is their main cash crop; you will enjoy seeing lush green tea spread across the undulating landscapes and slopes.  There are a number of tea factories in the highlands that further contribute to more tea farming. Apart from just tea, the highlands also happen to be the largest producers of tomatoes, cabbages, green peppers and lettuces. Most of Malaysia vegetables are actually grown in these highlands. Unlike other countries farmers in these highlands are well off, land is cultivated and managed in plantations.(image by Hafizul Hakim).


If you are just a mountain lover, then Cameron highlands are your home, on these mountains you will love to explore nature at its best. The thick forested parts are home to Orang Utan research center which is known to take care and plan for the release of displaced, injured and domesticated Orang Utans.  There are also numerous plant species as a number of animal species in these mountains. The mountains also boast of having some of the coolest climates and fresh air is only what you will be consuming. The mountains are also some sources of natural springs and streams. Cameron Mountains are unanimously some of the best mountains you can ever visit.


Enjoy the magic of Cameron highlands by going for some great tours on the rolling hills, terraced plantations, tea factories, tea plantations and lastly the small village of Orang Asli. You will learn of the history and culture of this tribal population that happens to be the original occupants of peninsula Malaysia. You might also consider taking a tour to the beautiful butterfly gardens, honey farms as well as the local market. Spend the rest of the evening interacting with the people of Cameron highlands, they definitely will teach you something you never knew.


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The great Cameron highland resort has perfect accommodation for you and even for your family. Its located in a serene and romantic environment that gives you some rejuvenating time as you have some high quality Cameron tea that’s is prepared in the very factories before your eyes. Amidst the rolling hills and tea plantations, there’s a tranquil boutique that promises nothing but splendor, nostalgia and romance of the magical Cameron highlands.(image by eileenlaudermcmillan).

Cameron highlands are just perfect and serene and they best showcase the best side of Mother Nature. The climate is quite conducive throughout the year, the next time you visit Malaysia make sure you explore the Cameron highlands. For decades to come, this area will continue to serve as great tourist attractions as more tourists will continue to come to this paradise.


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