The Top Beaches in Europe

When thinking about going to the beach for a vacation, normally places like South America, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Hawaii, Miami and the Caribbean are the first few that come into mind. These are places with loads of tropical hotspots – where the weather is typically warm especially in summer time, sandy and bluer than blue beaches, a huge biodiversity, copious numbers of marine life and many more. Although there are others who would also think of having a beach vacation in Europe, some of them would prefer to just tour around the city since the weather there is wintry in most days. Citizens and tourists in these cold and chilly European cities would be wearing winter coats, boots, scarfs and gloves instead of slippers, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts and dresses.

Nonetheless, it’s always important to look beyond what you see, and when you do you might as well find beaches where you typically won’t find them, even in Europe. And this article lists out the top European beaches and where can they be found.

Porthcurno, United Kingdom

For Great Britain, this is the closest that they can get to not only a beach, but paradise as well. This magnificent beach in Cornwall has picturesque views surrounding it, with crystal clear blue waters shimmering from the sunlight and bright yellowish sand. Guarding the bay are high cliffs covering both sides. Swimming is guaranteed to be safe, with shallow pools tailor-made for the little ones while the experienced and daring swimmers can feel free to take the plunge as long and as deep as they can. (Image courtesy of Martin@FMB)

www.clocalltoaction.com See Local to Action Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation – The Top Beaches in All of Europe - Porthcurno

Torre Guaceto, Italy

This beach is located near Serranova in the small Italian town of San Vito dei Normanni. It is also a heavily guarded nature reserve that can only reachable by foot or riding a bicycle, making it quite difficult to get to. In short, it is a beach that barely attracts a large crowd. However, if you’re looking for a beach that doesn’t have that much noise, this is the place for you.

Platja De Ses Illetes, Formentera

Located in the south of well-known party-loving Island Ibiza, this Balearic Island is the opposite of its northern neighbors. In here, peace and quiet reigns supreme. It is small beach, but has plenty of majestic beaches to offer that are clear & shallow, making it perfect for swimming and splashing all day long. And its sand is easy to walk around too. (Image courtesy of Moitaz)

www.clocalltoaction.com See Local to Action Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation – The Top Beaches in All of Europe - Platja De Ses Illetes

Falsterbo, Sweden

One of many unique beach resorts in Europe that’s both modish and nifty, this beach located on the southwestern tip of Sweden that has incredible white sand and the most adorable and colorful little beach houses one has ever seen. The place itself is very quiet and peaceful, so if you’re looking for a beach to go to where you can freely read a book under an umbrella hut without having to complain about loud noise, then this place is the one for you.

Lara, Cyprus

When you get to this place, you may just become one of the lucky few to get evidence of existence of green turtles and loggerhead as this is the one place in the entire world where they nest. Other than that, the whole place on the northwestern coast of Cyprus is completely isolated but has abundant amity and tranquility that tourist would most certainly revel in.

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