The Top European Cities to Go on Vacation

The continent of Europe, both the Western and European parts, are boasted with various cultures that are one of a kind, wide-ranging, extensive, vibrant and diverse. Each European city is filled with its own sense of style and different from one another but each and every one of them certainly possesses that authentic European flavor.

Because each city is unique in its own right, it makes it quite hard for one to pick a place to go to on a holiday vacation. But fret not, as this article narrows down the top European cities where most tourist would usually frequent.

London, England

The capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom, London is rich with vibrant and energetic feel to it. Big Ben, the London Eye and the Royal Albert Hall are just some of the finest tourist attractions in the largest Western European and European Union city. And if you have the time, you can also visit the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace as well.

Paris, France

There is a reason why Paris is popularly known as the city of love. Overflowing with majestic historical landmarks (with the Eiffel Tower taking the center stage) and highly prominent in areas of fashion, food, culture, art and design, Paris is truly one of the most gorgeous and most romantic cities in the world. (Image courtesy of Rui Pereira)

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Rome, Italy

The Eternal City is brimming with various cultural and essential structures in all of Europe. Rome is famed for housing the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita, the Vatican City and the Three Coins in the Fountain. It is also the city in which its Historic Center is marked as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Madrid, Spain

The capital city of Spain is widely known for its artistic and ancient culture. Its landmarks and structures, such as the El Prado museum, are bursting with such plentiful creative and historical flavor. Madrid is also renowned for its lively nightlife, and possibly the liveliest of nightlives in all of Europe.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of many cities in Europe that has unique and remarkable buildings, exceptional shopping centers, the finest Dutch dining and friendly people who are most certainly willing to always lend a helping hand. There is always something for everybody here in the Netherlands’ capital city and that they can certainly cater to people with unique and various tastes. (Image courtesy of Nik Morris(van Leiden))

www.clocalltoaction.com See Local to Action Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation – The Top European cities to Go on Vacation - Amsterdam

Dublin, Ireland

Enjoy all things Irish in this truly wonderful city that is located in the western part of England. This small metropolitan can be roamed around by foot, making it easier (and more affordable) to visit the town’s historical landmarks, local shops, restaurants and signature Irish bars.

Vienna, Austria

The city still remains as Austria’s largest city. Vienna used to be the former home of Habsburg court and other territories that the country’s had over the years. The historical structures are frequently visited by tourists who are lovers of natural and ancient history.

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the few European cities that has architecture that dates back all the way to the medieval ages, the city is a hotspot for feudal fanatics who are fascinated with grandiose castles that were built all the way back in the 9th century.

Istanbul, Turkey

The largest city in Turkey and the third-largest city of the world, Istanbul is the center for the countries economical, industrial, cultural and historical needs. Visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and other attractions this city has to offer to fully embrace Turkish culture.

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