Tips on How to Avoid Motion Sickness

For some people, going on a vacation is a way for them to escape the stress and anxiety enforced upon them in the fast-paced city life. It is where a person can make the most of this getaway to relax, chill, unwind, feel the gust of wind blowing up their faces and unleash all the strain and pressure that has taken its toll on them for the past months or so.

Of course with the highs when going on vacations usually comes with its own set of lows, and the one low that can potentially ruin a long-awaited, much-needed vacation is getting sick halfway through. And for the unlucky few, motion sickness is always a battle that never ends.

Motion sickness is an illness that cannot be cured permanently as it will return on occasion when you’re traveling. However, it can be controlled, so here are a few tips on how you can deal with it while on the road.

Make Sure You’re In Good Shape

Usually one of the causes of motion sickness while on the road is due to exhaustion, stress and fatigue. If you feel heavy, weak or just plain tired, there’s a great chance that you won’t be able to do plenty of activities once you get to a place – and you’ll end up not enjoying the entire trip you’ve planned for months in the process. So best make sure that, before going on a trip, you’re fit, healthy and feel lighter on your feet.

Watch What You Eat

A full belly will not only leave you feeling heavy, but there’s a fifty percent chance that you might end up vomiting what you’ve eaten for lunch. It is always preferable to not eat too much, especially since traveling involves moving around a lot. It takes time for your stomach to digest what you’ve eaten and traveling with a full stomach will certainly do no favors. Always be wary of the foods you eat before and during travel. Beware of foods that do not agree with your stomach and makes you strangely full and instead go for lighter meals like a salad or soda crackers. (Image courtesy of Sunisa Kanchanasuwan)

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Take a Seat Where You Will Feel Most Comfortable

This is important, especially if you’re a person who is severely prone to motion sickness while riding public transport. The middle seat, or even the front seat of the car, is where you’ll mostly experience motion the least, thus preventing you from ever throwing up. And if you can, also avoid areas where the smell is unpleasant as you will greatly suffer from nausea. (Image courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives)

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Don’t Do Any Activities While On a Moving Vehicle

If you’re one of the unlucky few on this earth who reads a lot and suffer from constant motion sickness, then stop. Reading a few pages of your favorite novel while getting dizzy would only make things worse for you. Focusing your eyes on a stationary target would often result to having an exhausted vision and a headache to boot, so it’s best to just close your eyes and rest up all throughout the trip than to make things worse for yourself.

Mind over Matter

The key to enjoy a good vacation is to simply relax. Setting up expectations for a trip will lead you to constantly be fretful and concerned when things don’t go your way. And once anxiety kicks in, right then and there you will get sick. So just take a breather, unwind, revel and embrace what lies ahead.

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