Tips on Planning and Booking a Budgeted Vacation

Ever have plans to go on an inexpensive vacation to a place where you can go on an adventure or simply enjoy seclusion by the beach and bathe on the hot afternoon sun? Well this can be achieved by setting up your very own travel fund, in which you’ll be saving up ample amount of cash for a trip you can go to either solo, with a partner or a group. This way, you’re assured that you have just about enough cash you need to spend some quality time for yourself or with the people you love.

But then again, you can always have a vacation at low prices. And if that does not work out, you can take control of the situation and slash down those prices yourself.

Book Your Flights on a Seat Sale

While traveling, it is the plane or boat fare that takes most of the lump of your budget. Thus, it is highly recommended to be on the lookout for the latest airline and cruise ship promos. Decide on your travel dates as early as possible because a plane ticket will come off way cheaper if it is bought days, weeks or even months in advance.

Go for Hostels Instead of Hotels

If your sole purpose of traveling is to simply explore the place you are going to, then you don’t need to stay at a high-end, five-star hotel over the duration of your trip because, like your plane fare, it takes up a chunk of your travel budget as well, if not more. Hostels, pension house and guest houses are a lot more affordable compared to hotels and provides you with just about everything you need while traveling – a bed with toilet, bath and internet connection to crash for one night or more. (Image courtesy of Joakim Johansson)

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Take Public Transport Instead of a Cab

When traveling in another place, especially in another country, it’s best do some research beforehand as far as public transportations are concerned. Doing research on the transportation system of a place you’re planning to go to not only offers you an idea on what particular public transports are available there, but also an opportunity to set a budget specifically for roaming around that particular place you’re in. (Image courtesy of epSos .de)

www.clocalltoaction.com See Local to Action Travel Blog - World Family Travel Tourism Holiday Vacation - Tips on Planning and Booking a Budgeted Vacation - Transport

Eat Local Foods Instead of Foods from High End Restaurants

Relinquish the fine dining and high class restaurants in favor of fast foods and local cuisine usually found in the streets. If you’re not certain about how safe these foods are to eat, take time to do some research on the local food and take note of how these chefs cook the food or even, while ordering the food, you can witness for yourself how they really cook it.

Travel Light

Carrying a lightweight bag or luggage means so many things. For one, with a lightweight baggage, you need not to pay excess baggage fees when your bag and luggage exceeds the standard baggage weight stringently enforced by your airline. A lightweight baggage also means that you can simply carry it on with you while on board. And lastly, a lightweight baggage will save you from the encumbrance of getting around a place while bringing a heavy suitcase. Just by packing essential items and leaving out unnecessary stuff, a trip will surely be more enjoyable.

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