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France, a country endowed with diverse natural attraction destinations blended with amazing cultures offers holidaymakers the best opportunity to spend their leisure time with their families. The diversity of destinations to visit in France makes selection of the top ten places to visit with your family quite challenging. However, after careful analysis, this article presents you with some of the best and famous places that you need not to fail to visit with your family if you are on holidays in France. Nevertheless, the following are eminent:

1) Mont Saint-Michel

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If you are looking for the best and beautiful place where your family will find total pleasure, then it is worth to consider visiting this destination. It is a medieval town located at the top of a rocky outcrop in Normandy, making it one of the best attraction sites in France. Once in the site, your family will enjoy watching medieval churches, historic battlements, and stunning Romanesque Abbey. However, you should be prepared to climb the steep mountain to Abbey.(image by Iulian Ursu).

2) Palace of Versailles

This is one of the best attraction sites in France where your family can enjoy the grandeur and opulence of the French monarchy. This destination has a lot to be seen, which include the stunning architecture, fabulous Royal furniture, magnificent gardens, arts, and antiques. In addition, audio headsets are offered to act as guided tours.

3) Musee Du Louvre

Any holidaymaker planning to spend his/her leisure time in France would be heard saying that he/she must make a visit to this site. Similarly, your family should never fail to visit this destination too. The site contains the world-famous sculptures, arts, and artifacts. From historical studies, this site has been known for over a period of 2000 years. This site has so much to be seen that requires more than a day to fully explore all the amazing features.

4) WW1 Battlefields

These World War One Battlefields are among the best tourist attraction sites in France having the highest traffic inflow of tourists. Your family should never fail to land on this historical place. It contains amazing trenches of Somme, solemn memorials and cemeteries, historical museums, and so on.

5) Carcassonne

This is a picturesque fortified town in Languedoc-Roussillon, in France. It has rich historical facts dating to the time before Roman era. Some of the amazing attractions that will make the day of your family include the 3 km incredible double fortified wall with 52 separate towers.

6) Nimes Arena

Some people might not believe that an Arena like the Nimes can be one of the attraction sites in France. However, unbelievably, this is the best-preserved Roman Amphitheatre in the whole world. It includes attractive audio guides that help to provide detailed information about the said arena to bring experience to life.

7) Eiffel Tower

This has been included in my list of the best ten attraction sites in France that has the highest traffic of tourists from all over the world due the fact that it dominates the Parisian Skyline. Engineer G. Eiffel designed it, and it was completed in the year 1889. The amazing feature is the Tower’s third level at 276m that has its own separate lift.

8) Grotte De Font De Gaume

This is one of the famous historical sites in France. It attracts numerous tourists every year who are eager to see series of fascinating caves, wall paintings, and so on. If you have a handy camera, then your family will take amazing historical landmark photos.

9) Pont Du Gard

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This site depicts the heritage of the Roman heritage. It contains an iconic and wondrous ancient bridge built the Roman during their rein in France. It is a spectacular sight to visit with your family.(image by Karoly Lorentey).

10) Jardin Du Luxembourg

In Paris, the capital city of France, if you are a fun of visiting national parks, then this is the place that you are supposed to visit with your family. Perhaps watching wild animals in their natural habitats, it also gathers for the needs of children since it has a large playground, free merry-go-round, and puppet shows. Having these amazing activities in your tour makes you holiday interesting like no other.


As stated in the introductory part, the list of the best attraction sites that you can visit with your family is endless. However, the list above is worth your time, money, and energy. Nevertheless, before planning to visit any specific place, try to know more about it as much as possible for proper preparations and arrangements.


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