Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations for 2014


Greece and its sprawling islands are the perfect ingredients for the most remarkable family holiday experience. Whether you are traveling with young children or older teenagers, it has everything for everyone. With it’s fantastic sunny weather, sparkling Mediterranean waters, pristine sandy beaches, ancient ruins, pretty fishing villages and mouthwatering cuisine, it is easily to see why it is so alluring.

Athens is Greece’s vibrant capital and it rewards its visitors with panoramic views of ancient sites, boutiques, restaurants, parks and galleries. Children of all ages will enjoy learning about the cities captivating history and many cultures that have occupied the city. Down on the islands, Santorini’s sunsets are addictive, Mykonos offers dazzling beaches, Crete has isolated coves and eternal sunshine and Spetses offers tranquil family hideaways.During the summer months in Greece, the sea is lovely and warm and great for children who enjoy spending their time in the water. With so much to offer and and endless supply of great accommodation, there is no shortage of options for Greece family holidays.


Majorca could claim to be the perfect family holiday destination endowed with attributes that lure millions of visitors to this Balearic Island annually, and in 2014 it is no different. Often refered to as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean” it lures with the ever shining sun, endless miles of coastline with secluded rocky coves and sandy beaches and its vibrant and cosmopolitan capital city. Aside from its spectacular coastline, the inland is a place for families wishing to indulge in activities such as walking, cycling and also staying in smart rural hotels mostly focusing on local cuisine and culture. Restaurants and hotels are child friendly meaning you will never feel out of place turning up with your brood. Family friendly resorts such as Puerto Pollenca have long stretches of white sandy beaches ideal for young family members. Furthermore, there are some wonderful accommodation options for families who are looking for a home away from home where they can really spread out and relax.Family holidays in Majorca are simply irresistible whether you stay along its beaches or delve deeper inland.(image by mariusz kluzniak)

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Known for its spicy cuisines, vibrant colours and chaotic cities, it’s brilliance makes it the perfect destination for family holidays. It is a destination like no other in the world and if you want to treat your children to new experiences where they can really take home memories of different cultures and ways of life then India is the place to go. The painted elephants, majestic castles and palaces, royal trains, jungles, exotic wildlife and pristine sandy beaches are some of the ingredients that keep every member of the family thrilled in India. There is a lot to do in India such as riding camels across the deserts, visiting the Taj Mahal, exploring the palaces in Rajasthan, boat rides in the lush canals of Kerala back waters and lazing on the sandy beaches of Goa. Family friendly hotels and resorts will ensure that you have a comfortable base for your stay where you can relax at the end of a busy day sightseeing.


France is every family’s ideal holiday destination, whether it is the mountains, the beaches, the cities or the country side families will enjoy every corner of France. It does not disappoint when it comes to putting your palate to the test as its gourmet meals are something to look forward to after every adventure. It variety and diversities make it an ideal destination for any kind of holiday; the French alps are ideal for family ski holidays, the wine regions offer a cultural treat, the Loire Valley is great for tranquil holidays, southern France offers some great options for golf holidays to keep the Dads happy and Brittany offers beaches and fantastic family camping sites. To add to it’s appeal further, France is so close to the Uk that you never have to endure a long trip either side of your holiday.(image by Cuba Gallery)

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For many years holiday makers have crowded this boot shaped country, in 2014, the trend is still intact with more and more families choosing Italy as their holiday destination. Italians love family and you will find impressive family friendly resorts and wonderful activities for all family members. You can enjoy baking in the sun along A malfi coast, stay in beautiful villas set in the emerald green countryside and explore the great Italian Lakes. Guilty pleasures in Italy include the world’s best ice cream and wonderful pizza’s made with fresh tomatoes and local mozzarella,which is bound to keep children with even the fussiest taste buds entertained. The countries delicious wines are incredible to sample and will taste even better on your balcony or terrace when the kids are finally exhausted and well tucked in their beds!.(image by Cuba Gallery)

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