Traveling to the Dominican Republic

The scenic, inviting travel destination of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean is a popular venue for vacationing and relaxation. The island’s ideal climate offers average temperatures of 90 degrees at midday and 70 degrees at night during summer and an overall median winter temperature of 65 degrees. Such a moderate climate adds to the great attraction of this beautiful location for visitors from the U.S., Canada, South America and around the world. The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish, and the local currency is the Dominican peso. Visitors are expected to accept the limit of $10,000 as the amount of U.S. dollars that one person can carry while entering or leaving the republic. This restriction encourages all visitors to plan a fun-filled, but not overly extravagant stay in this Caribbean paradise.

Major Visitor Attractions in the Dominican Republic

With the Atlantic Ocean to its north and the Caribbean Sea at its south shores, this exotic island offers 1,000 miles of spectacular beaches. These beaches are decorated with overhanging coconut palm trees and miles of sand ranging in color from pearly white to shiny black. Vegetation abounds on this isle retreat, and major products exported are coffee, cocoa, sugar cane, tobacco and rum. Major visitor attractions on the island include the following:

  • Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial. – Every visitor on this historic island should take a stroll around the intriguing Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo. This Zone is a unique mixture of medieval cobblestone streets and contemporary businesses. Enjoy the many restaurants, bars and cafes on Plaza de España, and later in the evening, relax over an elegant dinner at the Hostal Nicolas de Ovando’s restaurant.

• Historic Sites of Santo Domingo. – Santo Domingo celebrates its rich culture and history. It is home to the First Cathedral of America, the oldest cathedral of the Americas. On the Plaza de la Cultura, visitors will find the National Palace, the Palace of Fine Arts and the Museum of Modern Art. Also of interest in the city is Alcazar De Colón, built by the son of Christopher Columbus in the 16th century. A scenic area of great beauty is the Malecón, an oceanside promenade.

• ParqueNacionaldel Este (Eastern National Park). – This enchanting park is alive with hundreds of different varieties of animals and plants. It includes an expansive marine park and is home to 112 bird species. Sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins thrive in the tropical water. Visitors can admire pre-Columbian art in the park’s network of caves or enjoy the calm, scenic beaches.

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Los Haitises Park

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_national_parks_of_the_Dominican_Republic

Popular Activities and Events to Enjoy During Your Stay

Favorite activities and events for visitors of the Dominican Republic include the following:

  • Whale Watching in Samaná. – One of the most popular events for visitors of this exciting resort Island is boat cruising beside a school of whales to take photos and videos of their playful behavior in the Bay of Samaná. These ocean excursions are available from January to March each year.

• Snorkeling Near Isla Saona. – This gorgeous national park setting off the southeast shores of the Dominican Republic offers transparent aquamarine ocean areas filled with exotic sea life, providing a haven of treasures for snorkelers.

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Isla Saona

Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Isla_Saona_Republica_Dominicana.JPG

Best-Rated Resort Hotels for Visitors on the Island

Ideal resort hotel choices for the Dominican Republic include:

• The Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real, in Punta Cana – This elegant resort hotel is surrounded by lush, scenic grounds and beautiful beaches. The staff is highly attentive to guests’ preferences and needs. The Punta Cana region has 32 different spectacular beaches for visitors to enjoy.

• Hostal Nicolas de Ovando- This fabulous hotel in the Zona Colonial district of Santo Domingo has a splendid view of the Ozama River. Rooms are spacious with traditional Spanish decor, and the staff is ultra-friendly and helpful.

• Barcelo Punta Cana – Of all Punta Cana resorts, the BarceloBavaro is one of the most popular. It’s surrounded by lush tropical gardens and has direct access to the beach. There are many activities and restaurants to choose from, making it a destination for the whole family.

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Barcelo Punta Cana

Source: www.barcelo.com

Visitors can easily travel around this intriguing island paradise by rental cars, metro and tour buses, helicopters, taxis and the Santo Domingo modern subway system. Also popular are concho cars (public cars or speedsters) and motoconcho (speed bikes). Daily flights arrive at and depart from the International Airport de lasAméricas (AILA). The Dominican Republic is a beautiful, relaxing and inspiring travel destination to be enjoyed by all vacationers and travel enthusiasts.


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