Visiting Tea Tourism in India

Tucked away in India’s tippy-top nooks are soft undulating hills of great looking tea trees. They are pruned by native women clad in bright colored saris. As you steep your senses in the lush environs of carpeted tea estates, you can savor the bounties of majestic hills and snowy mountain peaks taking a peek through puffy clouds in the background. Serene and tranquil in every sense of the words, these large acres of tea plantations are home to many colonial remnants, beautiful bungalows, well maintained golf courses and a plethora of drinking holes -situated in the warmth and hospitable environs of clubs frequented by those connected with tea gardens, locals and visitors alike.

As you walk along little alleys wending their way through heavy mountain mist or trudge past Buddhist flag poles and clothes lines of quaint looking hill-homes, you realize why it did not take long for Britishers to establish their “summer capitals” in some of the most stunning locations of India. They went ahead with their act of covering the hillsides with surreal fluffy-looking blankets of dark green -which now stand tall as some of the finest tea producing regions in the world.

If you are looking for a steaming cuppa of tea, lush forests, crisp mountain air, and smooth walking trails, then book your tea tourism package to outline some of the most memorable moments of your lifetime.

Kausani Tea Estate

Kausani Tea Estate – a beautiful tea plantation that incorporates the relentless efforts of private entrepreneurs, local farmers and the government ,makes you enjoy the beautiful offerings of nature, take a walkthrough its tea making unit, buy tea bags that find their way across the seas to all corners of the world and a lot more. Located 3.5km north of the hamlet situated on the road that leads to Baijnath, this serene destination is definitely worth a visit. (image by Utsav Verma)

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Makaibari Tea Estate

The world famed organic tea produced by Makaibari Tea Estate is best enjoyed in its sprawling bungalows. This garden boasts of an established program which attracts volunteers to education, health and agriculture based jobs that offer benefits to plantation workers.

Happy Valley Tea Estate

Established way back in the year 1854, this sprawling tea estate below Hill Cart Rd in Darjeeling is a feast for the eyes. Here, you can see beautiful ladies singing along and stacking “two buds and a leaf” in their wicker baskets, processing taking place in full flow in the interiors of the factory and yes, the scenic mountains beyond. Best visited between March to November, it’s indeed a treat to view the aromatic factory and its many processes of withering, rolling, hard fermenting and drying. You may like to take along a guide who will explain how green, white and black tea can be made from the same tea leaves.


Munnar is South India’s largest tea-plantation region and boasts of rolling vistas, carpeted in emerald-green bushes, flush waterfalls and great sightseeing locations -a must visit indeed!(image by soumyadeep chowdhury)

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So, are you ready for an exquisite tea tour?


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