Vital Points to Consider for Your UK Holiday This Summer

If you are planning a trip to UK this summer, you need to plan out some necessary details in advance. Usually, buying the airline tickets at least six months in advance will give you competitive fares and help you save considerably. At the time of buying the airline tickets, you need to plan out your holiday itinerary. Aspects such as where to travel, how to travel and where to stay during the trip need to be sorted out in advance.

Decide the destinations you wish to visit in advance

UK is divided into four distinct parts as in north, south, east and west. You can choose to visit some of these parts or key places in different parts of UK. It depends on the time you have to travel, your travel budget and your interest. East UK has the Norfolk Broads, the coastlines as well as the famous Cambridge University among other attractions. When it comes to West UK, the Mendip hills or the Exmoor forests will allow you to explore the wild side of UK. North UK is famous for the Lake District which is a unique experience with gentle hills and lakes. South UK has historical sites and cities worth visiting such as Winchester or the Isle of Wight. Plan your destination first and then the other trip details can be finalised accordingly.(Image by Doug Wheller)

London Canary Wharf and Milennium Dome - London

Plan your mode of travel

If you are coming into UK from America or other continents, you have no other means to reach UK than by airlines. Once you are in the country, there are many options available to you. The vast and extensive train lines offer you opportunities to travel in comfort as well as see the countryside extensively. You could even opt for the luxury coach services. There are waterways and water transportation available in many parts of UK. You could even opt for a waterway tour of the country. Once you have decided on the places to visit, plan out the interconnecting modes of travel.

Define your holiday budget

How you will travel in UK and the places you will stay will be determined by your budget. If you have a shoestring budget to accommodate your travels, you can look at bed and breakfast or youth hostel accommodations which come cheap. Most rural areas have affordable bed and breakfast options. For luxury trips, there are vintage hotels and premier resorts and holidays where you can put up in style. Plan your stay in each destination and book in advance.(Image by Cathie Travels)

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Booking tours

If you wish to visit each place in UK in detail, the best way to do it is by booking sightseeing tours. There are different tours that cover different parts of the country. Such tours even include overnight stay in different parts of the country. Again, if you simply wish to take day tours in each place you visit, you can do so as well. Book your tours in advance as many tour operators have helpful sites that allow online booking.

Note down important details

If your UK holiday is an extensive one with lots of travel and tours involved, ensure that you have all important facts at easy reach. You could prepare a memo note including your airplane ticket numbers, flight timings, bus ticket numbers, hotel phone numbers and other important information. Such a memo can be carried in your notebook or on your phone to reach it easily at all times. Another great method to follow your flight details is to check online. For example, if you fly out of Stansted airport, you can check departing flight out Stansted airport online.

Pack according to the weather

The weather will vary as per the parts of UK you travel. It is necessary to look up the weather information of the places you plan to visit and pack accordingly. Even if it is summer, many places in UK can get cold and clammy with rain. Thus, ensure that you have your rain gear ready with you at all times.

Once you have considered the above points you will be ready for a hassle free trip to UK this summer.


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