Wallet Related Tips for Travelers in Africa

Traveling to the African Continent? Worried about the ways of stuffing your wallet or carrying cash/ cards? Given below are some effective tips that make these concerns less daunting and help you get money -anywhere and whenever you need.

The currencies that are best brought to Africa

While touring Africa, it is best advised to take along European Euros or the universally accepted US Dollars. You may consider carrying these currencies in the form of traveler’s cheques or hard cash -take your pick. If you want to travel low on cash, then it is a good idea to carry along your ATM/Debit/Cash Cards or a FOREX Card that is acceptable by most nations in Africa.

Plastic Money

With ATMs located at all strategic places, public forums and airports in Africa, it is best to carry along a Debit/ ATM card and withdraw money soon after arrival. Your credit cards may/may not be accepted by vendors, hotels or tour operators, so desist from using them at all times. If at all they are accepted, you may end up paying a hefty transaction fee on the same. (image by Raphael Karikalan Leo)

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Withdrawing money from a Barclay Bank or VISA compatible ATM is the cheapest way of getting money here. The functioning of machines in these kiosks may be a little different from those in your domestic city-take the help of an attendant or simply ask or help. Just like the ATMs in your country, the ones in Africa can also run out of money at the least opportune time. So, instead of waiting to grab your wad of notes “later” just pull out as much as you may need and stack it away in a safe manner.

Credit Cards

Very useful in luxury hotels and all major cities but not worthy of being depended on in smaller townships and rural areas, your credit cards may attract very high conversion and transaction fees. MasterCard and VISA are widely accepted in most places -especially in South and North African destinations.

Travelers Cheques

Though considered outdated and passé , traveler cheques are still doing the round in  nationalized banks and other exchange counters. They are much safer than having cash on you and can be easily replaced  if lost. If you are planning to carry them, then you should ask beforehand and be aware of the specific banks that accept the same and help you convert at easy exchange rates.


Always  have cash on you in Africa. You will soon find that your American dollars are the easiest to trade across the continent. You may choose to take along an assortment of bills-as you may need smaller notes for airport transit fees, entries to national Parks or simply making a call back home. Most downtown and other marketplaces prefer to take local currency -so you should convert a few of your dollars into the same, before venturing out. (image by Collection Agency)

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Use a strong but elegant looking flat money belt which you can wear below your clothes. After stacking away your passport, extra cash and cards in the same; put a small amount of money that you may need through the day in a small wallet or visible purse. Keep coins and small bills handy for handouts and tips.

With these tips in place, you can look forward to a safe and hassle free trip in Africa. Enjoy!


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